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  1. Not sure about frightening away supernatural threats, but undead kitty seems more than a match for Itumaak (at least according to Sagani).
  2. Thanks for the info Stillquest. I will keep an eye out for it in case it should crop up again, so that the circumstances under which it does arise can be noted and hopefully it will aid the developers in squashing it.
  3. I hope this is the right thread. I spotted a couple of gender errors when the PC is addressed (my character is a female Elf): When talking to Kolsc after seeing Raedric, link When a distant relative of Gramrfel the Wayfarer comes to seek his release, link Client version is 2.01 (WM installed)
  4. Thank you Stillquest for the fixer program! Had Itumaak's walking speed drop to 1 (unsure how it happened, I only noticed after leaving the Endless Paths) and it was a hassle moving anywhere that required the party to proceed in stealth mode. On a side note, this happened with the WM and the latest 2.01 patch installed. Are the developers aware that the bug is still cropping up?
  5. Thanks again for the prompt reply. At my end, the dialogue option to release Ailef via the Jailer does not come up... but I guess it is a minor nit to pick with respect to the bug as a whole.
  6. Hello Aarik Thank you for your reply. I loaded a game where Ailef had been imprisoned and double checked every single cell in the dungeons. He is, indeed a prisoner (far left, bottom row of cells in my case). However, both the Jailer and the Stroghold actions screen do not recognise his presence, as can be seen from the following screenshots It is not a huge bug, though now I am confused as to whether the system recognises that Ailef is in fact a prisoner (so there is a chance he might escape or someone will come asking for him at some point) or not (he is visually present and can be interacted with, but from a Stronghold point of view that cell is empty and there is no action to be done with him). Save game link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wstv7dsnthoiye5/Dungeons.zip?dl=0
  7. The Devil at times seems like the perfect complement for Durance: both have no compunctions about speaking their minds and if their words happen to ruffle any feathers… well I guess Durance does not give a used fig for people's sensibilities, while the Devil seems to enjoy the deliberate poking. Just my opinion, of course, but it does make for interesting characters that contrast the likes of Eder, Aloth and Kana. As for Zahua, I need to include him more often in the party to gauge him properly, but my first impression was a bit meh… he did not strike a chord the same way the Devil did. It could also be because his background is a bit scarce at the moment (compared to DoC) and he lacks a quest line. On a separate note, today I had Hiravias in the party and was curious to hear his opinions on the two new additions to the group. Sadly, there are no such dialogue options. Is it a case of omitted dialogue lines or a bug at my end?
  8. Hi Bizkit Yes, the dungeon has been completed. In fact, I had a prisoner escape already... which prompted me to finish all the security buildings before trying to go for another prisoner. Seems like Ailef did not care for the hospitality Caed Nua provides and decided to skip prison entirely.
  9. When completing the “Overstaying His Welcome” quest, I fought the slaver and then returned to Ailef, picking the conversation option of punishing his crimes by taking him as a prisoner. The dialogue response is appropriate, there is a fade to black in which Ailef disappears, but I never get the notification that I now have him as a prisoner in the Stronghold. Returning to Caed Nua and going down to the dungeons likewise reveals them to be empty. I tried reloading a save and doing other things prior to completing the quest to see if it would fix the issue but to no avail. Link to save game (just before initiating conversation to complete the quest), output file and system specs https://www.dropbox.com/s/ho7h9msgsbduifa/Upload%20files.zip?dl=0
  10. 1. More scripted interactions: I really enjoyed having various paths to solve a problem/situation and thought that these interactions are a nice way to make areas of the map more memorable. 2. Improved stronghold: as is, Caed Nua feels very static once you finish upgrading it and the various visitors are very flat. As has been mentioned in other threads, I think that populating the grounds and the keep with more NPCs (guards, labourers, farmers, merchants, stewards, etc) would go a long way in giving more life to the stronghold. Moreover, you could add the scripted interaction mechanic for random events concerning the stronghold and its surroundings as well as to give a sense of progression. 3. Banter with companions: when companions banter amongst themselves, have the possibility to have a conversation with them concerning the topic discussed. Does not need to be anything too in-depth, but to show that even aside from the main storyline and the side quests you find the time to engage in some light chatter with the people who have been following you around for months.
  11. Have you talked with Galvino? He resides in the cabin located in the NW of the Durgan's Battery map
  12. Like Dinky Dino, I installed the WM 2.01 patch first but the game had not updated. Launched the PoE 2.01 patch but the installer only needed 33MB of disk space... Still, game is now patched to 2.01.0721 PX1 and gameplay has not suffered any major issues.
  13. I've started a fresh game since the WM expansion came out and was adjusting to the 2.0 changes. After installing the 2.01 patch, however, it seems that the frequency of banter between companions has increased significally. Is anyone else noticing this? I am, of course, very happy with this change and have already gotten more than a few hilarious dicussions I must have missed in my first run (pre-WM/2.0 patch). For now, however, the group seems to be mostly picking on Aloth...
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