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  1. Could you help me with Xoti romance? How is it initiated? Maia and Tekehu have both initiated a romance conversation shortly after they acquired positive dispositon with me, but not Xoti. Should I advance her quest in order for the romance to be initiated? Do you know when and how is it supposed to trigger?
  2. Could somebody help me? How does Xoti's romance work? Maia and Tekehu have both initiated conversations with me some time after reaching +1 in disposition regarding the fact that they have interest in me, but not Xoti. There were a couple of flirting dialogue options with her (which I used), but nothing more serious, unlike with Maia and Tekehu. Does any one have any advice? Should I advance Xoti's personal quest a bit more, or it won't help and I'm screwed anyway? Does anyone remember when Xoti initiated the romance dialogue in your case?
  3. This is really unacceptable. Why didn't they add graphics options to the game menu? I don't think it's that hard to disable some of the Unity effects. And having to disable antialiasing through the console every time you enter a location is really a joke. Adding this antialiasng option to the menu would be very easy for them, yet they didn't bother. I'm seriosly quite disappointed.
  4. I couldn't find this anywhere, so I decided to ask this question here, sorry if the answer is already somewhere here, I just couldn't find it. On my laptop with Intel 4400 graphics the game runs quite slow (on Windows), annoyingly so (~10-15 fps, I guess). Is it possible to adjust graphics settings (apart from the resolution and vsync) to increase fps?
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