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  1. I'm only playing on normal, but I did take him out at level 3 and only 5 in the party. My recommendation is only to send your meat shields up to talk and the rest hang back on the stairs. I think it also helped that my squishies were all equipped with range. I used alot of Foe AoE or the stuff that hurts them, but restores my endurance. I also tried to take out their casters first and then the champions, but it didn't actually play out in that order. by the end of it, I was down to two (My PC and Kana) and they had three Raedric and two archers which had switched to melee. My PC (remaining meat shield) did get to a point where endurance wasn't really the issue, health was. Thankfully Kana has that field triage skill, probably saved the fight.
  2. I agree. I have the Dell 34" and love that I was able to run the game @ 3440x1440 and it looks amazing!
  3. I think SR:R is a bad example and should not be compared to PoE. First, I believe it only raised about $2 mil from KS and pre-orders and then you have to take into consideration that they had to pay Microsoft for licensing (which also contributed to the DRM snafu). That said, I enjoyed SR:R and for the $15 I payed for it, I thought it was a good value. I have much bigger expectations for PoE, though and haven't seen anything that suggests I will be disappointed.
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