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  1. Quick n' easy: What is the Devil of Caroc's true name? I checked the dialog options with her and there is nothing asking for it (which is weird... even for the "here's a serial killer soul in a golem body, i'll add it to my merry band of adventurers" hero)
  2. I live in a country that was plagyed with dictactorship regimes until 1989, i already had to take the effects of a tear gass bomb in a public manifestation (don't recommend it to anyone, but do recommend having some clean cloth and vinegar in your backpack if you're going to the streets to fight for what's right), and today i'm openly against a creepy movement of religious fanatics creating a lobby and even a personal mob/army and twisting the government to pass laws against homossexuals and glorifying christians while forgetting all other religions thanks for asking.
  3. didn't knew if the badges appeared befoe the 5 post aproval. that being said, even if i wasn't a backer i'd only have the gall of complaining straight about the game in a topic dedicated to the game itself in the developer's forum if i actually bought the game and it brought something different from what's promised or some big annoyance (normally bugs or DLC pratices). I'd also be only expected to be heard when asking for a change if either i already bought the game OR if i commit myself to buy it if what i want changed got changed. Can't guarantee people who started this mess would put money where their mouth is.
  4. Answer me this, my child: why would you buy a second copy of the game if you already own it? If it's to "show support" it doesn't work and inflates the game sales cound without increasing the number of players, it if is for a friend, why not let your friend DECIDE if (s)he wants the game or not based on the game and not if you liked how it already removed the content you wanted removed?
  5. All in all, there's 2 things i commend in this patch: - Bugs fixed - Firedorn for being smarter than the people that wanted to crucify him, Obsidian and everyone in support of both of them. The new joke works wonders on the situation. I still think the removal was dumb and the epitaph changing right will eventually be requested by more people, since the reason for the change was arbitrary and people would be right to think that the way it was handled was unusual and the right was given in a kinda arbitrary way. And yeah, i am a "new user" on the forum, but i can print some proofs i backed the game if you don't want to take my word seriously because of my post count.
  6. The vocal population were present in that debate. I, for example, have an opinion regarding the issue, but chose not to share it. I highly doubt the forum objectively represents the 'overwhelming majority'. But i'd be willign to bet five bucks we represent more PAYING CUSTOMERS WHO ACTUALLY BACKED THE PROJECT than the politically correct police or the hipersensitive progressive lound minority that started this storm and the harpies in "gaming" sites that made it lok like something serious.
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