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  1. Somewhat agree. I feel like most if not all of the Defense and Utility talents will never make it into any serious character build. There really is a way to make a crappy character, unlike what the devs were saying before release. I guess if you really wanted you could take some ridiculously bad talents in those trees every level. Defense talents aren't bad, I take them for my tank and my off tank. I don't understand what's limited? Take rogue for example: dual stiletto meelee rogue sword and board tanking or dps rogue 2h backrow rogue range rogue there are plenty o
  2. The hardest fights of this game for me was temple of eothas with no tank and 4 level 3's. After I recruited Eders, everything is smooth sailing so far.
  3. I think the game is hard depending on what class you start with, I did the eothas temple with skuldr and skuldr kings (spell) with my starting character rogue, wizard npc, priest npc and chanter npc at level 3. It was hard as hell, (used kiting to pull single skuldr king in the last room, used door to black pathing..etc) now as soon as I recruited eder, everything is much easier now. On Hard diff.
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