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  1. Just to seal the box... GOG Rules. Try to get that from steam.... " DRM-FREE. No activation or online connection required to play. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 30 days coverage after purchase."
  2. This need to feedback to GoG not Obsidian. Once Galaxy client is out, i'm sure that could get sorted out i hope. No, it's definitely feedback for Obsidian. They're the ones that decided to only release their patch through their various digital distributors, rather than provide it themselves. They have said they are going to have a standalone patcher in a few weeks however, so the issue is being addressed. I thought I saw something about that, and went looking for it earlier. Glad I'm not the only one Patch issues are the only problem I have with using GoG, and the pros to just play the game anywhere I want to install it, without requiring login, additional client, or even an internet connection easily overcomes the patch con. If they can manage to make a standalone, things will be much better
  3. Any time I'm given the choice between GoG and Steam, I'll take GoG all day long. No client required, download when I feel like, if I want to go sit on the hill behind the playground in the sand pit on my laptop, I can start the game up, and have no problems, no matter when the last time I linked to the Internet. I'll take it.
  4. I take more issue with this than either the original problem, or the original poster. If people were being picked on, hit, bullied, teased, killed, because they were straight, then you might have a point. But since that's NOT the case, your statement just comes off as bigoted and belittling. Change your second sentence to refer to a discriminated race, and see how quickly you get spanked for being racist.
  5. Why have achievements at all? None of them give you any gain in the game, just some little caveat, a feather in the cap. I'm glad I'm not running it thru Steaming Pile so I don't have to even see any of that, but if they want to throw some little bone to the ones that actually helped this game get made in the first place? Good on them. Whinging and whining about some little "achievement" strikes me as juvenile. Even worse that it's a single player game: if it were multiplayer, at least you could argue that "My friends could see how uber I am 'cause I got all the achievements!!", but it's a single player game. It's a computerized masturbation. And just like that, it should be "celebrated" in private.
  6. I played earlier today, and was able to find a second hireling, and created an adventurer/healer. This made questing SO much easier. Anyway, came back, went to the inn to save campfire goods, and saw the different "bonus" options for resting, and decided to take advantage, healing up my party. Afterwards, I went to the blacksmith to empty my bags, and needed to log off. Saved the game manually, and closed the game. After several hours, I returned, and noticed that my party still had the bonus buff (good), but everyone's health was at the level it was before we rested.
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