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  1. I would also like to point out there seems to be an audio bug that causes the scroll sounds to loop creating an almost clicking sound.
  2. There are certain exceptions to this such as the streamers who do voice over play throughs of games like for instance ElegyofGames who did an amazing buldur's game play through as the one and only bob ross, as well as did voices for the phoenix wright games during his play throughs. It may be that some streamers and youtubers are better suited for showcasing RPG style games due to their for the lack of a better word "gimmick" and style.
  3. Is that necessarily a bad thing? Using proper definitions can strengthen or weaken an argument.
  4. Well actually it would still technically be correct due to the use of "etc." Oxford et cetera: 1 Used at the end of a list to indicate that further, similar items are included: we’re trying to resolve problems of obtaining equipment, drugs, et cetera 1.1 Indicating that a list is too tedious or clichéd to give in full: we’ve all got to do our duty, pull our weight, et cetera, et cetera
  5. I'm not sure that is factual correct with the definition of reviewer. merriam-webster: 1. One that reviews; especially : a writer of critical reviews Oxford: 1. A person who writes critical appraisals of books, plays, movies, etc., for publication. 1.1 A person who formally assesses or examines something with a view to changing it if necessary: a rent reviewer I do not see how reviewer status is defined by ones impact on the sales or profits of a work.
  6. I did the 25$ teir back in 2012 and completely forgot about it till a few days ago.
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