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  1. oops i meant not so sure i need to proof read more
  2. i dont think dragonage will be out for a fair bit after neverwinter 2 I also think they are snubbing multiplay a bit. They were heading in the right direction (DA) but now im not sure so NWN 2 looks to be very good tho with some brains behind it
  3. A mana based system is fine if you cant just refill it with a potion. like warcraft 2's mana system (yes strategy blah blah) it simply recharged over time there is no potions to top it up therefore there is a limit to how many spells you can cast. if done right it can work i say lose some as many DnD restrictions as possible.
  4. i am here as a builder as well as the fact that NWN was a great game with NWN 2 sure to be better. cant wait for the new features. I am following both dragonage and NWN 2 however NWN 2 will be out sooner.........that reminds me next stop bioware.
  5. why is dragonlance not as popular as forgotton realms? marketing simple as that. i personally like dragonlance alot more it has a more epic feel to it. the books are brilliantly written (mostly). But that is also the reason forgotten realms is so big cause the books are brilliantly written read anything by R.A. salvatore and you will just go wow this guy is awsome he knows how a sword really works instead of some writers who's only knowledge is pointy end goes here. ive never heard of greyhawk before. and id also like to support shadow drifter i live in brisbane as well (its more like 1 million people as opposed to 100000 (3rd biggest city)) and Pnp isnt very big at all warhammer has some following but is still about as popular as WWF. the only table top game of anykind i have played is lord of the rings and thats only been about 3 times. I own hundreds of minatures all around my house but i just paint them i dont play them. i guess we have better things to do like play video games that have a lot more feel to them. I mean some people play pen and paper (i know 3 who do) but its rare and i know alot of people.
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