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  1. I got to play it in the Gamescom event this weekend and it was very cool. I am super excited to see them use more than just one stat towards an input to NPC's. It's quite awesome the way they have engineered it. I am very excited to see what you can unlocked and do with the new options. Ho-ray! for that strategy guide in the backing haha, hopefully not going to spoil anything to much. In any case had a blast playing the game and really am looking forward to getting to play more...winter is coming... :D Respectfully, -Levok
  2. Hello, I think the idea is cool similar to that of Baldurs Gate, however it was fun but could have been better. In later expansions I think it would be cool if there was a designed campaign or story to involve those players as a whole rather than spawn of bhaal being just 1 dude. But hey, either way i wont complain (too much ). I will be patient and wait for further info. Respectfully, -Levok
  3. I may have played the beta at Gamescom not sure, regardless of what it was...it was AWESOME! the combat system looks pretty cool and the graphics are wicked. I had a flash back to playing Baldurs Gate. If what i played is along lines of the intended product, great job guys!!! Cant wait for the full package....Gamescom dude didnt let me play more than an hour ...I was hooked. YAY!!! Respectfully, -Levok
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