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  1. I disagree. You speak like you can predict the future and deem it so. Time are changing and have changed. All mediums have converged and all in the process of doing so. Console people understand mouse and keyboard they are not retards you know. Sure you have some who wont but fools will always be fools no matter what. What unites us all is love of videogames . If I have a choice of picking pc version of a game or console I will take console almost everytime. Its the ease of use. also if not for consoles, videogame business would be "out of business long time ago" . PC gaming is and was 95 percent pirated. To make those massive games costs money. you could never recoup that through pc sales. PC people scoff at console games or gamers but if not for them and that side for last 20 years there would be no pc games or such a rapid advance of cheap technology. There simply would not be enough revenue returns. I believe there is a market for it. Many people are simply put off by building pcs . They dont get it. Its sounds and looks cumbersome . they just want to plug and play. Why do you want to not to include them into this ? when a port would be super cheap and accessible to many many more. That would make more revenue for the makers as they can self publish and create even a better bigger game in the future ? Fail to see your logic in dismissing it like that. Dude... I really try to stay calm, really... I've read your OP thread, and i said "well, ok, why not? If PC version isn't casualised, we are just all RPGs fans". And then, i've read the thread... You accused people to do hasardous assessments, but the one you made the most of them here, is you... At first, the PC video game world was a happy and pinky one 15 years ago. We had low budget games with great concepts. Some games were cool, others where bad. That's life. Then, PC games started to be brought to consoles... Consequences: -More budget, and as for the cinema, big budget = Well graphically shaped products with NO scenario. Hollywood as something stinky, so stinky in fact that Hollywood died 20 years ago. Nowadays 80% of your so beloved high budget you highly praised in your post is about 1st Pers 3D... And that's what people who backed PE don't want to see ever in this game. -Stuff like incredible UI that make you feel so good that you just want to crush your PC with some kind of a heavy club... Thx budget. -Stuff like gameplay casualisation because of needed simplifications in order to games to be easier to handle with consoles pads. Thx consoles. The truth is i don't have anything against consoles players (it's a pb of money here). But i have a huge problem with people who argue that PC players are elitists when it's better for them than just building something deeper. You have become all you have condemned in your first post. All your posts, and even more the last i quoted are just assesments. One more assesment: what if, without the great budget you speak about we just ended to have the same budget for PC gaming today? What about nowadays RPG in this alternative world? And last thing... All people who own a PC are not robbers who made the piracy a way of life. In my case, i just do it to "test before buying". And this is only because of the way gaming industry works today: lies, false features, exploiting franchises in order to do much money with as less work as possible (Dragon Age 2?), DRM thats prevents me from just USING the game i bought, User licenses that are not user licenses (ie you bought the game, but you're not legally owner of your (their) copy), etc... I'm ok with PE on consoles after its PC release, but not with people that bring me to post such a... thing. Consoles aren't really the sole reason for games becoming simplified. More developers trying to appeal to a wider audience, an audience which doesn't want to bother with such complex systems. That wider audience just happens to play on consoles more due to them being easier to manage and easier to keep up to date. It's not a problem that's going to be solved either. The people who want less complicated systems are a majority and so publishers will want to appeal to them, more than the minority in most cases even if it means disappointing their old fans. That's why we have these kickstarters though, to allow the minority to fund something that the mainstream people might not like! Either way I agree with the sentiment that they should focus on getting the PC version out first, and consider ports later.
  2. If it doesn't delay the game by a lot I don't see why not really. I managed to upgrade my pledge when I first logged into the site and went through pledge management for the first time. Though it does seem like you can only upgrade at that point. Afterwards it seems like you're stuck.
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