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  1. i have to say i for one am very pleased. i was a bit surprised at first at all the disengagements by the enemy, but i think it only makes sense for my opponents to go after the squishy big hitters. after all that's what i am doing, too pallegina (specced as a kind of off-tank/support/dd) seems to do decent en passant strikes and now i am glad i took her along instead of aloth. before she was kind of redundant in my setup. edér is still pretty great: one time i accidentally pulled another group and i would have wiped if it weren't for him. he finished off the last 4 mobs alone with the help of the sanguine plate i needed to kite a little bit with GM, which i didn't mind. i've only done the first crägholdt map so far but i already learned to keep her way back at the start of fights. she probably will switch from robes to padded armor in the future. i am playing on hard btw. but yeah, from my first experience combat seems a lot tougher, more punishing and more positionally dynamic. it's going to take quite a bit longer to get through the game now. what do you think about it? i haven't experimented with the new party AI at all. what are your experiences with it so far?
  2. i love the idea of also unlocking the lore! i hope there are enough mobs left on my endgame save to unlock all of their abilities.
  3. Chess isn't in 3D? o.O well Chess isn't in 3D? o.O I think he means pc versions of chess (2d, bird's eye view). There is no benefit in changing the view for these games to 3d. yes, i was thinking of chess on pc, where usually it's displayed in 2d. i guess technically rl chess and starcraft 2, dota etc (and even the character models in PoE) are 3d. however, changing perspectives is not required and little can be gained from changing views, whereas in wasteland 2 and neverwinter nights it absolutely is required.
  4. when the big switch to 3d came i was sure designers would recognize how tedious it was to constantly switch angles to look for secrets. it still bugs me today that i am forced to do a 360 in every room to discover every secret in games like wasteland 2. i am fine with 3d in first or third person, but highly strategical games like chess, starcraft and pillars do not benefit from 3d imho. i would be cool with full voice acting, but it's not that hard to get back into reading. little or no voice acting also has some perks like dialogue can be changed more easily in and after the production process, be it by official patches or mods. voice actors were fine. voice quality could have been better. (de-esser anyone?) more character customization always is great. but graphics quality wise the char models of PoE look absolutely stellar compared to wasteland 2 and SC2 and even DA:O. 1st: it's coming 2nd: i am a big fan of the easy ai scripting system in DA:O, but i also revel in micromanaging my whole team in PoE, and thus in my case the game will not greatly benefit from its implementation. but i see the appeal for less tactics oriented players and it was probably an oversight by Obsidian to ignore it completely.
  5. same problem on kana for me. don't remember double-clicking armor, i always drag equipment on the character model. i gave kana the weapon switching speed trait and it worked fine for a time.
  6. i am currently eating as much as i can so my body will shut up about it for the rest of the day.
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