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  1. I think that for a game built around island hopping, with a pirateish pacific islander feal the ship to ship combat is very lacking. There are plenty of ship based games that have compabt and could have been emulated, from Sid's Pirates to Age of Sail. The fact that ship combat, while not something that should be a major component of the game, should not take up too much time but should require more than a few keyboard strokes and hoping for luck of the digital dice. Most of the time I don't even bother with the combat, I just charge and board the shop as NOTHING else I do (killing the sails to bombarding the ship with grapeshot) seems to ever actually affect boarding parties.
  2. This is impacting my enjoyment of the game. I want to do ship combaty (which is lame) and board ships but since my crew keep getting injured and not healing it means that I have crewmen with like 2-3 wounds each. Sailing into Neketaka with 120 medice anda 3 star surgeon does nothing either. If I put the injured in the unassigned area (not the belowdecks) and just spend weeks resting they heal, but that means just wasting time that I could be used sailing around actually enjoying the game. I also don't understand this healing mechanic. It seems like a way to punish players more so than a way to have fun. I mean with Xoti and Tekehu on board with ACTUAL MAGICAL HEALING it should cut heal time from like 8 days to literally 1 day.
  3. I have the same issue. I have 51 medicine,m a level 3 healer, and I have been sailing for 20 days and none of my crew have healed. I even have a high morale thinking that would help. It doesn't. They don't even heal when I am off ship.
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