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  1. They are meant to be cosmetic only, the accuracy bonus seems to be a bug as only some people get it and then only with certain pets.
  2. This doesn't just happen with the tiny animat, I get it with the black cat and the ginger tabby too. Adds +5 accuracy each time swapped out, although I can't usually make a pet add more than +10 total in any one session.
  3. Churchill, after the battle of El Alamein: "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."
  4. Or alternatively just have the passive ability be hindered when an action is performed. When in battle I wouldn't expect my trap detector to be functioning at full capacity as other things are on his/her mind, but there should at least be some chance that they will spot the tripwire or avoid the slightly different coloured floor tile. Just make it more difficult for them, and then fights which include traps will be easier for a party that includes a master of trap detection, whereas parties who just want to detect static traps outside of combat could get away with somebody with somewhat less
  5. "I've a blade with your name on it" I loved fighting doppelgangers, just because I couldn't get enough of "Your time is done primate"... On the other hand hearing "Forward march" and "Spare no one" from every single hobgoblin got tedious fast... Monsters that appear frequently need a good variety of combat dialogue. The odd bit of gentle humour, used sparingly, is also good. "Taugosz Tenhammer has no need of people skills" always made me smile.
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