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  1. ..ahh, thanks for the link. i thought they stopped updating
  2. ...hi everybody, especially to the german players. i was reading that the release version of PoE had some problems with the german translation. was this solved with the official updates or should i use the community patch (which is a little bit old). thanks guys
  3. Hallo zusammen. Erst einmal ein dickes lob an die leute die sich um eine korrekte deutsche übersetzung bemühen. Danke dafür. Wie sieht das eigentlich von offizieller seite aus. Arbeiten die auch noch daran oder hoffen sie das es von den fans übernommen wird? Ist die deutsche version des spiels denn nun mittlerweile genießbar? Ich wollte eigentlich die englische version spielen muss aber bei der menge des textes doch relativ oft auf auf ein ubersetzungsprogramm im hintergrund zurückgreifen, was der immersion doch ein wenig schadet. Was raten mir die profis hier im forum.
  4. Any information this will be released also in epub format. English isn't my native language so it would be nice to use the wonders of modern technologies to help me translate one or two words. In epub its much more comfortable. What about the other books. Only PDF?
  5. ...I played it a few hours on my oldtimer PC Win Vista 32bit Core2 E6700 GTX 260 4 GB Runs fine so far. Any other experiences with a 32bit system?
  6. Sure, why not. If there are people that want more of PoE. It depends on the quality of it. To see something new is just my personal opinion.
  7. O.k. but why go for a sequel? That is what we know from the AAA studios. Sequel after sequel. If they use kickstarter again it would be nice they would throw something new into the ring.
  8. Supplemental:perhaps the tech wizards could add fog. Imagine the betas goblin cave with fog floating the ground. This all is just cosmetics...but effective.
  9. Game looks great but ... ... I would wish that they add some shader to the grass and the trees to make them look more 'in motion' (works fine for the rivers). At the moment it looks very static. artistically this game looks amazing.
  10. Hi everybody. I just updated my pledge to the boxed version. Now I ask myself if a digital download will be included in this version or is it just the dvd?
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