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  1. I voted yes. I'm greedy, I admit it. I want everything in this game. I'm also willing to wait until 2016 if that is what it takes. Maybe I'm more patient than some. I've never had a problem with games being released later than expected if the creators deem it appropriate. I'd much rather have a game as prepared as possible than deal with all kinds of lackluster content and bugs and if that means delaying the release for added areas and companions so be it. There are plenty of other games I can play while I wait. Hell, I still play Baldur's Gate regularly and still discover new stuff in that game that I had never seen before.
  2. Sounds really good and I'm looking forward to this part of the game. Quick question, and I apologize if this has been answered as I haven't looked through the 20+ pages in this thread for lack of time, but these visitors that come to your stronghold that can be beneficial or a hindrance... will you have the option to kill them or take them prisoner instead of telling them to get lost or having them escorted of the premises? Thanks.
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