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  1. I was wondering if you did any research on the Spell Shaping passive ability that many casters can get? First thing i'm thinking is how much power level does it actually add/subtract - just 1? And if it's just 1 it seems to me there are some very clear-cut answers as to what shape to pick - if healing spells and priest buffs like (Dire) Blessing only lose 5% healing or 5% duration doesnt that mean that the bigger area is almost always the right choice? How would you view the ability for offensive spells - ie when would you think the extra acc/pen/dmg is worth it over an extra targ
  2. Just noticed it only happens in portrait mode - zooming works fine in landscape. Not really that much of an issue now i know, but it would be nice if landscape-locking worked when lying on your side when playing
  3. phone mode helps (which is nice), but i'd rather have the bigger interface with quest info back.
  4. Today I installed Pathfinder adventures on my new tablet. After a good first few hours I ran into a really odd issue - my card previews are too big. Whenever I tap a card too read it up close it zooms in so far half of the textbox falls off the screen. Tried all the options and scoured the forums but my mood is really turning sour by now, any solutions to this?
  5. Whether you've merged accounts or not, the little "wifi" logo should go green whenever you are online. Verify that you're logged into iOS game center. Playing normally or merging accounts both rely on a working Game Center login. The Game Center app has been gone for a long while now, so what you need to do is open the Settings app, and scroll down about a third of the way. Just above Twitter and Facebook should be Game Center. Make sure you are signed in with your Apple ID. If if shows that you already are signed in, try tapping on your Apple ID, sign out, then log back in agai
  6. Voted yes, i'd happily pinch in another ten dollars if that means playtroughs for every alignment with a full party!
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