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  1. Same problem as Jaimi - walk up to ruins entrance... and crashes. First problem I've had with the game. Attaching logs. Savegame posted to google drive here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OuChdNrMCFYXBFaEtLOb1ZkAKBxNW3tp 2018-05-29_145034.zip
  2. Considering how early the backer beta went out, backers got to play considerably early! They never said anything about the release version having a special pre-release for kickstarters...
  3. If you're dumping constitution... better be prepared to sit in the back for big fights (or spend it grievously wounded). Might be better off dumping might if you're going to be in the back anyway.
  4. The manual (with uncorrected errata) is posted on steam if you're interested in some reading...
  5. You don't need a rogue for typical RPG thief actions - there is a separate "mechanics" skill for traps, locks, etc that anyone can take. Think of the Rogue more as an assassin - comes out of the shadows, stabs you in the back, disappears again.
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