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  1. Same exact issue here. I just started playing for the first time so I thought the guy was hiding somewhere.
  2. Well, I've sent an email through the backer portal with a refund request. I'll let you guys know what happens! And to all the back and forth fighting - I'm not upset. I just don't want to support a company that caves like this. I believe they've gone back on the spirit of the Kickstarter of making a game that answers only to the fans, that's all.
  3. Am I able to get a refund for my $250 tier? I'm happy to mail the physical items back. I backed this to support you guys making the game you wanted to make without interference, and this is going against that to me.
  4. I somehow had no idea the game had cosmetic pets until now. I hope there's a big variety of them.
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