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  1. This is quite disappointing and bewildering, to make such a change, because on my seventh play through the game, I already expect characters to behave in certain way, so based on that previous experience, I could not have reasonably expected Pallegina to suddenly leave when on previous play throughs, she hadn't done so under the same circumstances. And it's not like I have done something terribly offensive to VTC in the game where this occurred. I hadn't even done the powderhouse quest. I allied with the Principi, but my standing with VTC was still positive, and for example, I resolved the Poko Kohara confict in their favor. So this does not make much sense. Please reconsider reverting this 'fix'. I suppose I can replay the previous 8 hours, but really, it's still very frustrating.
  2. One of my characters is suffering from this and several other bugs: Bug #1: This happens after completing the critical path quest in Magran’s Teeth and waking up in the Palace. After choosing one reply the scene halts. Aeldys and the pirates won't walk into the room from their spot by the door and no-one but the Queen and Atsura (he’s there because the Hazanui went kablooey) will talk to me. The Queen will offer me the Powderhouse Bomb quest, but the main Ukaizo quest does not appear on my list. I have replayed this from an earlier save at Magran’s Teeth just before speaking with Eothas and the outcome is always the same, the cutscene does not trigger. Bug#2: This has been reported in another thread as ‘replaying maps’. What happened is that areas that I had explored were covered (both map and in game) and gave me EXP like if I was exploring them for the first time. This includes contents of containers resetting so I could loot them twice, as well as enemies, like Lord Admiral Imp and Torkar appearing on the maps anew even if they had been killed before. The Fort Deadlight reset was very strange because Mirke respawned along with everyone else, even if she was in my active party, so I could now take my sidekick Mirke to meet her identical twin. Bug#3: At some point, I discovered that I could not change my party members at the inn, even if I had recruited and used them earlier in the game. At the inn, I can "recruit" and press "accept" but when that's done they just don't get added to the party like the ones I was using. I had three companions on the reserve at the time when I discovered the bug, Maia Rua, Xoti and Tekehu, and they have all been affected by this bug. I managed to find a Tekehu twin hanging out at the Watershaper’s Guild and I recruited him anew, and I could then add him to the party again, but his level had reset to 4 and he lost all the gear he had been using before. I haven’t been able to track down the twins of Xoti and Maia, so I am locked out from using them.
  3. I experienced the same bug just now, in the latest version of the game. Is it somehow caused by the Hazanui being dead? I cleared out the entire Brass Citadel before setting off for Magran's Teeth? Are there any known solutions?
  4. Having grown up with games like the Baldur's Gate series, Icewind Dale and Torment, I have accepted that inventory management and carrying weight capacity seem to be something of a staple for old school games. Whether they still should be and whether these decisions on what to loot and carry add any meaningful RP decisions or whether they are just a waste of precious time is a good question, but I wanted to remark on something else here. Playing the beta, I went through the village and was about half way into the spider cave, when I realized that I had already ran out of inventory space. And it seemed like I had only just started out and hadn't actually done much! So I'm wondering what is the problem here - is there just too much various crap that you can pick up? Is stuff just not stacking properly in your bags? (I noticed that I couldn't combine two stacks of identical items.) It felt to me like the amount of junk could be toned down significantly. Also, I'm wondering if others also have a bit of a hard time spotting the bodies to loot, especially on a sort of rocky terrain where the corpses just blend in. Personally I could do with a bit more pronounced glow from lootable corpses upon hitting tab key.
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