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  1. exactly my Problem too. i entered the secluded armory on the sanctuary map looted the Quality armors and everytime i try to leave there is the loading Screen for a few seconds and then a black Screen with the movement Cursor. application stopped working. i have a steam copy and there is already a thread there. appearantly all those who are affected do not have the game in their Profile appearing. same goes for me.
  2. No sir! thank you! i´m a 36 year old gamer starting with Gold box ssi games over baldurs gate up this Point where u just can´t find decent rpgs anymore. Obsidian has made a dream come true i dreamt for over 10 years now, to see a worthy successor to the old era rpgs. i cannot express (however some of you Obsidian guys might know this feeling) how this feels....maybe imagine opening a Gold box game and install it under Dos after quirking around in the config.sys and autoexec.bat to make i run. or to see the black isle logo when loading up a game and to just by that know ur in for high Quality time. u guys brought this back. however...now that i think about it....what the hell took u so Long :<!!!
  3. Hmm. i´m quite curious. i don´t rly care in which direction the new Project is going as Long as it is something i would actually excpect Obsidian doing (which means not dungeon siege 3 related -.- evil knows no boundaries). personally i´m approve of a new Kickstarter campaign before the old one is done. Not only is occupation of resources assured, also waiting time for a new title of a Company i trust is kept short. Remember, Kickstarter funding is not just about financing the Project. By pledging u Show interest and therefore reassure the Company that this Project is actually what u want. Obsidian doesn´t Need charity, that´s why we get for e.g. a digital copy of a game etc. How much longer till the announcement?
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