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  1. Rather than 'waving like flames', Obsidian seems to be setting their hair literally ablaze. Anyway, I love the concept art, Rob. I don't understand what was happening in that nasty thread on the BioWare forums.
  2. Coruscant Nar Shaddaa Dathomir Hapes Yavin IV Dagobah Arkania Ambria Thule Ziost However, I would always prefer a fewer number of extremely well-developed planets.
  3. No less than a planet, no more than a system, yet I am not sure that even my deepest id would qualify as Sith material. Even giving in to the most instinctually honest, does-not-play-well-with-others pathways of my subconscious, I would not be interested in perpetuating extinctions or commiting anything else that would significantly limit my 'options'. There would be no, 'Wipe them out, all of them!' types of orders. One must at least take slaves, after all. But yes, genocide does not feature in even my most twisted fantasies. Many forms of coercion and control do, but I also see no re
  4. Knights of the Old Republic, the original, gave the player a very difficult choice at the turning point of the plot (the revelation of their previous identity). It gave you a better reason to possibly turn on the Jedi, I think, than its sequel did. Yet the path of the dark side is more interesting in the sequel, I must say, and I think Kreia is the key to that. She also makes life on the light side more interesting, though, so I should not say much. (I am a Kreia fanatic. I love that her very first line made me feel guilty. 'Find what you are looking for among the dead?' I knew from that momen
  5. I am very surprised to find that my preference, silver, is in the lead of this poll. Highly unusual. In any case, yes, silver. I was originally, when I first was introduced to Star Wars at a young age and the concept of the lightsabre, I was a fanatic of green. Yet I later came to prefer the thought of a blue sabre, and now a silver blade attracts me most. Some would say that my aesthetic tastes are becoming more austere, while I would say that my Schwartz is going grey. But seriously, I simply like the image of a young, pale male Jedi with long brown hair, grey robes, and a silver lig
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