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  1. Hard first playthough about 20hours in, party: PC -> Gunling rogue (island amaua) Eder (tank) Aloth (****, i mean bad wizard) Kana (ranged chanter) Durance (healer) Went trough Raedric's hold like it was my home. Game DOES feel easy when the fight goes as you want it to (meaning Eder tanks, everyone else attacks, durance heals). Difficulty curve for me!: Super easy Kind of HARD when i reached gilded vale and did some quests. Easyand getting easier after getting some levels, equipment and 5-man party (also learnt game mechanics). That would be all for now. Btw, game is really fun tho. PS: forgot to check if Hodor Eder is stat bugged, will do this afternoon.
  2. So review scores are coming and them are just awesome, i need to get the **** out of my job and play the **** out of this.
  3. Im just here to say that you might not like sensuki or the way he communicates his worries about the game. But this is because he is probably really passionate about it, he reported hundreds of bugs, so you might want to take is easy, cause even when you may disagree with his way of reporting some of this stuff, hes done A LOT to improve the game. Some of the people here are prob. discarding his suggestion without even having played the bb, or knowing the mechanichs of combat, just because you dont like him.
  4. Im still waiting for a good reason why this has been implemented.
  5. Why can't you make it optional? I don't mind area looting when fighting trash mobs, but when fighting a special party i like to know which items each victim had. Like those dudes in the Temple District sewers, oh wait... No one here besides codex people played BG2 right? nvm that.
  6. Im just here to say that i really like it overall, music, design, even combat looks much better now. But, but... Stronghold NPC interaction trough a menu is kind of lazy. I don't expect this to be changed before release, but maybe 1.1 patch, or something like that could be really cool.
  7. What you want is randomized loot but of the same value, or at least a smallest value range?
  8. Yeah, looks like shiet. Considering how much effort they put in the 2d art it would be a shame to "downgrade" it by using those pp effects.
  9. Awesome trailer, even when i think it's kind of "risky" to make it public with obviously unfinished animations. Most of us here know the game is in development, animations are alpha, etc. But many internet peoplez will watch and think something like "dat animation lolz". And i know what im saying, i play lots of dota2 which means i know lots of internet peoplez.
  10. I didn't read all the posts so i don't know if this has been answered, but i wonder what would imply adding strech goals to the development of the core game. That being said, im kind of indiferent to this. While i would like some new wilderness and companions i'm not that crazy about it right now. On the other side i don't mind waiting a little more for the content to be developed. Yay here comes my first post in the forums (although i've been reading almost every update thread).
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