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  1. I will post those mappings when I get back into the office this morning. We are still waiting )
  2. I am a little confused. In my backer portal I have: Digital Download Plus $45. Is it the same as listed: Digital Fun Pack - $50.00 - Champion Edition or is it: Digital Pack: Soundtrack, Collector Book, Behind the Scenes - $35.00 - Hero Edition ? I also have boxed retail Polish edition. Is it like: Retail Pack - $65.00 - Champion Edition?
  3. That is already known. Retail box is steam. Pledge box is drm-free.
  4. Hi! I have a little dilemma. A few months ago I pledged $45 for digital download plus, because I wanted to contribute. A few days ago, when I saw Polish retail edition (adventurer edition), I decided to give it a go. So basically now I will have 2 steam keys. I want to give one to a friend, but I would like to clarify - what steam editions will each key redeem. I would hate to get a worse key for myself (my friend is not that good ). Thanks for the tips.
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