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  1. Have you noticed? The travel to the east crossing takes 4 hours. The hidden temple under the ruins in the middle has a direct connection to the village. Maybe my party just wandered 4 hours in circles....
  2. There is a bug with spells from other spell books. I paid the money after selecting an unknown spell for the BB_wiz but the spell did not appear as learned. Money was gone and clicking on the spell again only repeated the procedure - money gone but no spell. And the string related to the spell was broken though it was correctly addressed in the money note. Hope it's not a double. But haven't seen this bug posted so far. Keep up the promising work.
  3. Dear developers, dear community, after the first early beta ingame footage is online available (e.g. here: http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/07/30/pillars-of-eternity-video-josh-sawyer-on-character-creation-and-infinity-rpgs/), I noticed a small detail from the UI I'd like to discuss here. But before I'd like to thank the dev-team for the great work - what I've seen so far that’s the game I begged and backed for. So what is this post about? In the footage you can see, that on a selected hero the abilities/feats appear in a row above the hero pictures of the GUI. If more than one hero is select
  4. Release will be on November, 11th 2014 around 11:11 am CET. Alaf and Helau!
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