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  1. It still happens with Patch 1.04 - Steam. Testet it yesterday evening (Middle European). Changend one Member in the party and all was lost! PLEASE, fix this.
  2. I definitively can confirm this! I lost up to 2-3 hours of gameprogress because I had to reload an old save! I nearly stopped playing the game. In addition: While all inventories where empty, the numbers you get schown when you loot enemies still small like your inventory should already be nearly full. Happened while playing around with party members at caed nua (dismissing and getting them back into the party).
  3. I can confirm a similar behaviour. After clicking manual resolve I warp to the main hall. After hiring some guards I wondered, why the bandits looked toward the "training center right of the main entrance " (- sorry I have to improvise, because i play in german) and ignored my party. checking with TAB I only got enemies shown. After a bit of reading I recognized that 2 of the "enemies" where my 2 hired guards. I took care of not hitting my guards. After destroying the _real_ enemies, there came a cutscene after that my guards where friendly and did their jobs. But because of the cutscene, I got no chance to loot the bandits.
  4. I can confirm this. Lost hours of gaming. Problem occured after dismissing the whole 5 party members (story companions, not self made) and readd them. Quickslots lost. personal inventory lost completely. Not investigated, what else more... This is really hard and should be fixed asap... happend with latest Steam-Version!
  5. to 1.: Im not sure but this could maybe a solution. I'll check this! to 2.: no I don't think I play wrong. after setting up the attack chain two of my 3 melees attack. the third with the same order has just to go around the other two (already fighting) and hit the target. There is plenty of space to do this. No narrow situations between a door or something else. but he simply does nothing. despite of my own live experience my two friends (die hard BG-Veterans, one plays Path of the Damned but without Trial of Iron *G*) confirm this.
  6. I can confirm this or very similar behavior (and 2 of my friends I play parallel with and we are communicating live over TeamSpeak). Even after the latest patch! Example: My party attacks one strong enemy. I do this raid style (scouting the area, pause the game, give an attack chain). Two odd behaviors occure here: 1.) The party starts attacking. When the enemy detects my party the combat auto pauses. So far so good. But now I have to reemplement the attack chain again. This is very pesky. 2.) after reemplementing the chain. the first 2 of my party start attacking. The others "feel blocked" and do nothing. But there is plenty of space for going around the "fighting block" and attack from the back of the foe. But they stand there and do nothing. but pause the fight and guide them manually works! Why does this not work automatically? Again. Very frustrating and very dangerous (often partymembers go down and i have to reload a save). Despite of this: Great game. Enjoy it massively. Best Game for years! Thank you Obsidian!
  7. To Josh an the whole Obsidian Team: I have to thank YOU! What you've done could become changing the world of computer gaming as we know today. Until your Masterpiece the BigOnes in the industry could hide themselves behind the excuse of "kickstarter games are half done, not polished bla bla bla". Now they have to deliver! Let me say it in my mother tongue: "Ihr habt ihnen allen m├Ąchtig in den Arsch getreten"! Huge respect! I wish you all the luck on this world and endless financial succes so that you can start every project you would do. I'm sure you ever will do it right! Tank you. Thank you a lot!
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