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  1. The hotfix is available on GOG, and the previously alarmingly pink saves on my Mac are fine. So if you update, you should be dandy too.
  2. I'd like to mention that it's not only Steam, as I got my game from GOG, and I'm plagued with pink.
  3. Same here, on a Mac with Pillars just updated through GOG https://imgur.com/a/vZSFo
  4. I like this way of handling input. Short and shouldn't break immersion, but leaves a bit of a room for people to be personal. I just sent you my log entry submission.
  5. Fantastic job folks! I agree with the sentiment that we should pick an item that can be used by any character, regardless of class or race. That would exclude headgear and make weapons, armour and shields problematic. The obsidian inlay sword idea is awesome, and the design there is a sweet homage. Maybe it can be transitioned to some other kind of item. Say, an obsidian figurine that is equipped into a quick-item slot that summons a free-fighting sword from obsidian infused wood/ivory (Assuming that they have a free-fighting weapon again). Or an amulet, belt or any similar item that incorporates this fantastic design of the Black Isle logo as an obsidian inlay (Assuming they have the rights to use the Black Isle logo).
  6. Or possibly even a bastard sword forged in the fires of a volcano known for producing obsidian flows, with a pommel jewel of polished obsidian from that volcano.
  7. In case someone else has a similar problem, this issue turned out to be caused by some kind of miscommunication with the GOG Galaxy client. Reinstalling Galaxy solved the problem.
  8. Actually, just now it crashed without logout happening ("program unexpectedly quit"). Looking in the Player.log now has it has no instance of "Crash" either.
  9. There should be, but I am not an involved enough user to know where they are. If someone has pointers, I'd be grateful for them.
  10. Every now and again when I'm playing PoE the game crashes, and I get logged out of my computer user account. This generally happens when I'm entering a map, and I suspect it may have something to do with the game being saved, because I think it has also happened once or twice when I've saved without entering a map. I am running PoE with both White Marsh I and II (v3.03.1047 PX1 PX2), downloaded from GOG on a Mac with El Capitan (10.11.6). I do not wish to post my files to a public forum, but I have collected them immediately after a crash/logout and can forward to a developer.
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