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  1. Indeed, this *solves* the problem with the Simoc's proposal. I'll take this!
  2. If you want to destroy the game, use mods. Leave great mechanics alone. Wandering monsters = quickload. Camping supplies are everywhere, just look closely. We must protect Pillars from poisonous cycle of simplification. <Wary Defender, Repulsing Seal, Ardous Delay of Motion>
  3. Alarm! Chaotic evil detected. You revealed the name of main antagonist and companion's secret. :> Anyway, many good points. I must agree with this:
  4. I can’t find major topic for first impressions. 140 hours. Just finished. Love the game and Obsidian. So, here is my list of complains and delights. Bad stuff: Bugs and loading times. (better than nwn2 situation tho) Pathfinding during the battle. Insane combat speed limiting the quantity of tactics. Spells missing targets, spell range, only 4 spells for spell level, no buffs before the battle, friendly fire, spending money for learning spells (!) and mages as the first target of any enemy. Yeah, some classes fall from grace. Very sad thing. Dragons. Dragons are so generic and bori
  5. On the morning i'm going to find cheap merchant for some extra RAM, for now i have crush when traveling to Gilded Vale. Vista 32bit, Phenom 9550, Geforce 9600GT, 3GB DDR2 RAM, 20000MB virtual memory, language - polish 2015-03-27_013740.zip
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