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  1. So using the in-game history editor does spawn Vela for me (for both the choices available) but upon repairing the ship she does not appear in the crew member list nor appears inside the ship at all. I imagine it's going to be the same for those who spawned her with the command console?
  2. The weapon that you are missing is an estoc that requires you to visit three places around Dyrwood to upgrade-- basically the only one you can fully upgrade without killing anything. And I agree, OP. Like you I'm really satisfied with what they've done with the expansion but I think the way they handled the soulbound weapon upgrades by requiring to "kill x of y" was a bit excessive given that many of us are playing on a continued save where all the enemies have been cleared out in the first place. You can cheese a few of them though. If you attack one of your party members you can get the "inflict x damage" or "proc y debuff" requirements easily. I tried creating a bunch of lvl 1 human druids to see if I could kill two birds with one stone but apparently killing player characters doesn't count for the weapons. If I could find a way to get in combat I'd try out summoning blights/spirits/etc. see if that works.
  3. Sided with Hylea and gave the souls back to their rightful owners. Dyrwood celebrated that year in honor of Hylea. The Knights became respected as they took the mantle of blacksmithing and their old roots once more. Overloaded the machine in the district, causing people to flock back to it over time. Few animancers were left though many went on to the outskirts to continue their practice. Caed Nua became a bastion of greatness. There was also a slide mentioning that I killed the Adra Dragon. Eder's faith became renewed and formed an underground group to promote Eothas worship in Dyrwood. Aloth took Thaos' mantle to turn the Leaden Key into an honorable organization, though still keeping the secret of the gods. Durance vowed revenge against Magran. Kana became somber after his findings and his research made him a respected voice of reason for Rauatai's isolation from the rest of the world. Hiravais stayed on Wael's path, enjoying life for what it is. Sagani became a respected hunter in her hometown and eventually an elder. Pallegina honored her orders and became respected by the ducs but regretted her decision of crippling Dyrwood. Grieving Mother birthed the first non-Hollowborn and lived a renewed life. Also I took the Orlan baby from Act III but never sacrificed it. The final slide mentioned how my journey was going to be even harder due to bringing an infant with me. The image also shows the cloaked figure holding a baby.
  4. I played POTD as a paladin and had good success as a pure tank. Obviously I had Eder as my second frontliner to pick up stragglers if they ran towards the ranged. I feel the biggest weakness paladins have is the limited number of engagements they can deal with. Beyond just being survivable and tanking though I never felt like my paladin contributed much to fulfill that "support" role the game describes them as. It honestly feels like a chanter would fulfill that role just as well as a secondary tank what with providing even better passive buffs to the team along with summons.
  5. So since I tend to do side-quests before moving to the main quest so I decided to do the save Alwah quest by storming Noonfrost. I turned in the quest and later on proceeded to Rymrgand's altar which asked me to go back again to do something for him. However, whenever I try to go back inside my screen loads showing only a black screen and my cursor but nothing else. Click on the screen just makes my game crash. No clue how to avoid this and it's the only side-quest I have left to do in the game by now.
  6. Trying to do adra dragon on POTD difficulty and out of all the BS encounters in POTD this one takes the cake by far (though I haven't finished act 3). Full lvl12 party composed of paladin, fighter, wizard, priest, cipher, and chanter. Tried various strategies: - Pull dragon back behind the corner, just got overwhelmed by xaurip and adragan - Pretend to be in favor with the dragon so she doesn't aggro, slide back into the xaurip camp and AoE them all down, pulling back into the treasure room. If the adragan don't aggro, the lack of space means that my range get one-shot by the breath anyways. If the adragan do show up, my entire party is MC'd and that's that (even when using the priest mind resist spell). - Same as above but split party into two groups, one focusing on the xaurip and the other on the adragan. Incredibly messy but surprisingly the dragon doesn't aggro when engaging both of these unless you get to close. Incredibly messy again barely any space do work with anything not to mention was out of resources since everyone was split taking their mobs down (specially on the adragan camp). Really at a loss on what else to do.
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