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  1. I should add, went back to the Luminous Waters area just to use it as an inn . . . and was brought in, fully armed and armored, where I found myself fighting Tola and the rest of them. Having killed them and obtained a journal, I figured I'd go back outside, and then in *again* (so that I could finally add a missing party member). That time, with no one else alive downstairs, I walked in nekkid, as a bath attendant. Still can't use the inn. I've gone back to the Director, and NOW he correctly triggers. I would suspect that you could try pickpocketing the . . . nekkid dude . . . for his
  2. Seeing this post, I went back to the village during the day but still didn't spot her anywhere in town, but when I walked up to the dock behind the Stormspeaker's lodge she walked up behind me... but it didn't warn me she was coming, I just happened to be hitting tab and saw her name appear over the head of a new character that hadn't been in the village when I was down there. So I guess just walk to the end of the dock and then look behind you?
  3. Since starting up White March Part 1, every now and then my barbarian just smacks Grieving Mother. They're not standing near each other (or even close enough for a melee hit), there's no combat animation, and there doesn't seem to be any specific trigger that starts it, but so far it has always happened after everyone's recovered from combat. The barbarian gives a battle cry or something and smacks her, she takes damage... sometimes she complains that I'm hitting her, then it's over. It has, so far, always happened when I selected the entire group (dragging a box over them) and then told th
  4. I tried disabling the AI, but it made no difference. I finally just went and respecced my character to get rid of psychic backlash, and that did the trick!
  5. So I hadn't been playing for a bit, but started up again and discovered a marvelous new feature... at the start of every combat, my character psychic backlashes himself. As soon as combat starts (it's currently set to pause at the start of combat, so as soon as I unpause it), before anything else happens, my cipher character immediately takes damage and is stunned, by himself, from psychic backlash. It was confusing at first, so I went back through the log and sure enough, very first thing in combat is him psychic backlashing himself. I've been through several combats with numerous non-ciph
  6. I love the elemental spirits thing all around, but while the Xaurip design looks fantastic, it gives rise to one little quibble I have with the shaman's casting animation - hopefully something you guys can consider moving forward. In just about every game with magic, it's stick centered. Why must magic come from a stick? Needing a common point for an effect to emerge from several different morphologies is one thing, but in so many games, the animation of getting it out of the stick is also the same... there's some magic stuck in the thing, and like a jammed pez dispenser, if they bang it
  7. After being unable to register through Chrome, I attempted it in IE and it worked fine. The data I'd input even was still there, so it was getting through to the site, but something in Chrome wasn't working with the site.
  8. Same issue on my end. The error message reminds me of the 'Problem' light on Gargantua-1 from Venture Bros.
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