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Stop hitting yourself! (psychic backlash)



So I hadn't been playing for a bit, but started up again and discovered a marvelous new feature... at the start of every combat, my character psychic backlashes himself.  As soon as combat starts (it's currently set to pause at the start of combat, so as soon as I unpause it), before anything else happens, my cipher character immediately takes damage and is stunned, by himself, from psychic backlash.  It was confusing at first, so I went back through the log and sure enough, very first thing in combat is him psychic backlashing himself.  I've been through several combats with numerous non-cipher opponents, and they all now start with my main character injuring and stunning himself.


It didn't used to do this, and I'm not sure why the change, but I feel like maybe the talent description text should be a little clearer that this particular talent injures only the player character and just makes every encounter more difficult.


Well, either that, or maybe it should be fixed to work as described.  You guys are the technical wizards here so I assume you know best.

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