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  1. I'll update this thread if I run into anything else, but it's been a very smooth ride outside of this one edge-case bug. And yes, Durance seems to be a very complicated character but I'm enjoying a lot peeking inside what makes him tick in such a way. He's very interesting in his own, brazen way. I can't begin to imagine what debugging him must be like. So thank you again for the fix, I never imagined being able to resume playing before next week. I really appreciate it .
  2. Your fix worked for me. The conversation option was available and the quest moved forward. I also remember asking him about the etchings on his staff a while ago, so this explains that. Thanks a lot . Edit : Given the nature of the fix, is there any old conversation leaf you advise us to re-run?
  3. @Erik Thanks for the update, I just posted my bug report including my save as you advised. I share a bit of the circumstances Azurkhall described in that I explored a lot of Durance's dialogue tree already. Again, thanks for the help and good recovery .
  4. The problem is the one referenced in this thread. Here is my savefile and here is my output log. Description : After having explored a lot of dialogue options and spent a lot of time with Durance, the dream to further his quest triggers. However the conversation option to ask him about the dream doesn't show up. Steps to reproduce : Load the savefile. Rest, which will trigger the dream. Talk to Durance and see that the option to ask him about the vision isn't available. Screenshots : Triggering the Durance dream. There is an icon showing he wants to talk to further the quest. But no dialog option available. Even after asking him to talk. In the meantime, would there be a manual console command to help me unlock the conversation option?
  5. I am having the same issue as Karranthain. Another piece of information related to Durance's dream, if this helps. I remember quicksaving before an inn, having the dream and then reloading soon after for some reason. I slept at the inn again, and the dream didn't trigger this time. So far so good, it might be random. Later on, I triggered the dream but didn't have the conversation option with Durance to talk about it exactly like Karranthain described. Is my save any help?
  6. I'm posting here to second that sentiment. I don't know what's with the vitriol but your work is incredible. My week-end just vanished thanks to you guys. Playing Eternity feels a lot like reading a really, really good book : it's enthralling, hours of your life simply fade away and each session leaves you with something more, like old stories. If there's a game in recent memory that could remind us of what the craft of a role-playing game looks like at its best, that would be Eternity. You executed brilliantly on every single aspect of the game. In particular, the combat system and mechanics are truly great. It feels very logical and methodical while allowing for very interesting builds outside of the traditional RPG cookie-cutter templates. It requires you to know what you are doing, which makes it even more rewarding when the Plan comes together. I particularly like the grazing system, which does away with the excessively random nature of dice rolls while remaining up to chance. So I strongly disagree with those that would find it bland while not understanding its logic. This system somehow manages to make me feel right at home after playing BG more than a decade ago while being an incredible breath of fresh air. It provides fair and interesting challenges that actually require you to stop and think about your oponents, and most importantly it succeeded at breaking away from tradition in a genre whose history couldn't bear more heavily on it. So congratulations to everyone at Obsidian, this game has a spark that I haven't seen in a very long time in an RPG. Thank you for delivering on my Kickstarter hopes .
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