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  1. I think most people use Diablo because they know 98% of the gaming population will know the reference. Totally, you hit the point A fast reference that don't need argue to be understood. I agree, IWD was in between Diablo and BG. And there were fine stories behind some places like the Severed hand. What i disliked was the never ending whole game dungeon. No variety at all. And when the game is just about killing so many monsters and about loot, i use to make this easy comparison with Diablo because everyone undestand why. (The first Diablo was awesome though). I really prefer mor
  2. I hope it is absolutely gigantic. I hope each floor takes me more than 30 minutes to complete. And I hope it is about a fallen race or empire or something. I always thought the Falmer in the Elder Scrolls games were fantastic and I would love it if some subterrainean race that is lost in time is hidden there. I imagine the Mega Dungeon as some sort of underground metropolis from eons past. I also hope it is possible to replay it in the same game. Respawning traps/monsters or whatever.
  3. Honestly, if the Devs themselves know anything about the Xpac, it is probably extremely spoiler heavy. IE, "The defeat of PE boss triggers some cataclysmic event that unearths a bunch of tombs that spew out undead" or something. High-level story and design elements. I doubt they will be able to tell us anything more concrete than that for months. Which is fine. For $20, if you're hyped about this game you might as well pledge for the expansion. Or hold off incase they announce some new stretch goals.
  4. Interesting read. I voted "Yes," although like many others I'd prefer more concrete details with regards to delayed release date, how much money would be required, etc. I'm not as concerned by the timing as some people here. Although it may seem like a "Oh no! We're running low on funds!" type thing, I'm guessing they actually just don't want to pay out whatever ridiculous % Kickstarter would want for another campaign there and waited until they had the Backer Portal up so we could just give the money directly to them.
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