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  1. Ah yes...agreed at the 50% reduction there. But as Crash just pointed out, you might want to do the reduction on just the background prior to adding the text, to avoid losing the edge definition. The slight loss of detail on the scroll I think is actually a positive, but losing the clarity of the text detracts from the overall quality................
  2. The fact that the attributes will be consistent in what they do should allow them to design a better system by make it easier for them to measure the impact of the attribute system. Resulting in more difficult and thus more interesting choices when assigning attributes .
  3. However I don't believe that every game must be restricted to first or third person view to be successful, it should cater to whatever its audience wants, and implying such meaningless restrictions to a medium is rather narrow minded. No insult intended of course, but i'm rather against stifling creativity for the sake of what is fashionable.
  4. Thanks for making a poll, Keyrock! And although my firm opinion is that there's room for both of the first points in the poll in PE, I went ahead and voted for the NWN2 alternative, obviously updated for 2014. Zed: The spirituality of those wonderful games isn't exactly residing in those clunky UIs. It's just your nostalgia getting the better of you.
  5. Well. We all know that games based directly on movies suck. Seeing the interest of the big money in backing the Prometheus franchise I consider it very likely we will see a game based on that IP not too soon. I think we can rule out action FPS or strategy game. Personally, I would love to see a new FPRPG/Adventure game with stealth and horror elements, combining aspects of Thief, Penumbra, Deus Ex and especially System Shock. That would be a perfect prototype for a Prometheus game. I think FP is absolutely neccesary for the "horror" aspect. Obsidian's cancelled Alien RPG might speak in their favour here - although if I recall correctly that was more inspired by "Aliens" :/
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