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  1. Where can i find the complete list of afflictions / inspirations as well as a summary of the functioning of this system?
  2. Hi all ! If we display source code of Scavenger Hunt web page we can see the name and description of the 3 last items to unlock : if it can be useful to someone to discover new codes ^^.
  3. I Know it's not 110$ for beta but i hoped 29$ were enought but i need pays 25$ more.... It will be a wonderfull game but without me for this beta. Tks for your reply.
  4. Am i the only guys who thinks it'a a little bit expensive ? I wait for this game until the first annoncement. I'm backed 29$ to support dev team, and d'or m'y regrets i have nom production link on my account today. A mistake for my part or a bug disappointment (
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