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  1. I don't quite understand how waiting until November for a single release is effectively different from waiting until November for all DLC to be released.
  2. If you knew how things work you wouldn't mistake "pay a publisher to deal with your game's distribution/marketing" for "have a publisher fund your game".
  3. What you are trying to implicate here is not what actually happened.
  4. Didn't he mean that he thinks the architect responsible must be a troll, since he had the "architect" pointed at a trollface in his original post?
  5. I believe you can see the slo-mo for a moment in one of the gamescom streams. The characters' movement slows down for a second or two, and then speeds up, as Adam apparently wants to save time on returning to the guy that gave him the ogre quest. Jump to 13:37 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXUa32OzVh8
  6. But can the PC be maimed before they "die" like companions? I guess you can, If you lose enough health over the course of several battles. Though, it seems you can't afford to get knocked out in a fight.
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