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  1. Thank you, it works. I had patch 2.01 white march only. I had no patch for 2.01 for the base game. I didnt realize that base game has to be upgraded as well.
  2. I have similar issue when I installed white march: starting white march: going to craghold: GOG version, have installed patch 2.01 (latest) no idea what to do now. For Obsidian: adding save game: http://speedy.sh/mFecn/f2499c15224048a5af3db770a37477ad-12901690-CaedNua.savegame to reproduce the issue just go to the craghold or white march.
  3. First I voted yes, but now I've revoted for no. Of course I'd like to get more content into the game, even I had to wait half year more to release. But it cannot affect quality of content previously set. If you have extra money, I would prefer to record voice dialogues instead of wilderness areas. The game is huge, and you won't be able to record even 1/5 of all dialogues, but even that it will add something special to the game.
  4. I'm reading your updates for a long time, but I need to admit this update is great! And yeah, I want it more On the other hand, how long does it take to create such update? is it workload for you? Have a nice day!
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