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  1. I'd leave plenty, but i'd like them to change: bad writing, cliche main story, no realism whatsoever. Sagani, Maneha are the most cringe, boring and "You've gotta be kidding me" characters i've ever seen. In other words, get rid of your writers and hire new ones.
  2. This! Me want Arcanum 2! btw, i would really enjoy any rpg with Aliens with some horror atmosphere in it Both FPS-alike or isometric. Also I like an idea about new Vampire based on white wolf story-system.
  3. Seriously? If you looking for romance go out to the club or something. What is a possible pleasure you can experience from romancing with a pixels? Personally I enjoyed Arcanum much more than dragon age. Much, much more (sorry for my lazy english ;p)
  4. I've found it today. It's so true xD
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