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  1. It was quite a surprise that such a great sequel didn't sell like the first game. After all, pillars team did a great job with these two games, many of us waited so long to enjoy with games like these again, and it was a pleasure to crowdfund these for my part. After burn out with these projects, better just take your time. No reason to work new titles without proper passion. Open world game, with good DLC's and sea shanties worked totally for me. Some players seem to like more the first one, others tell that second one was better. I think there was good deal of development made for the s
  2. I really liked those fate points. It's a classic thing to succeed picking lock and open that perfect safe that no thief can open. Or to succeed any other as impossible task. Arcanum was a nice game, but that's about it. I just found out about Project Eternity, and I am very happy that consumers are finally heard in matter of having these old-school rpg's again. I loved BG, Torment, Fallouts and Icewind Tales too. Arcanum wasn't that good, but there were some good ideas, like trainers. It's absolutely great that funding via kickstarter makes it now possible for us consumers to donate money for
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