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  1. I'd want something similar to Icewind Dale II, or Planescape: Torment. I did quite like the mock up that Obsidian presented us, but why not have the choice between something like large and stylized UI of Baldur's Gate and the more minimalistic, smaller look that Icewind Dale II retains? Personally, I'm okay with either. But the ability to choose or customize would be much appreciated.
  2. Dragon Age: Origins is flawed, yes, but I feel that it was still very well done. The fact of the matter is, I doubt I was the only one who felt that Dragon Age II should have tweaked and perfected the mechanics of Origins rather than dumb them down and simplify everything. For example, in most role playing games, you can discuss things with your own party and they'll give their opinions on what the group should do next. In Dragon Age II, there is no way whatsoever to interact with your own companions. Even if you could, they wouldn't have much advice, considering that you wouldn't need it. The game is linear and boring. Dragon Age: Origins was a great game in my eyes. Maybe my nostalgia of playing Baldur's Gate as a kid took over and that's the reason I immediately loved Dragon Age: Origins, but I still feel it's all around well made game that had a promising start that was ruined by it's sequel rather than improved.
  3. Now, just to verify, Project Eternity isn't using any Dungeons & Dragons ruleset of any kind? Because if not, I hope they've devised a suitable replacement. It's hard to beat the AD&D feel of the Infinity Engine games. However, I could see the perks of having a more free form and refreshing ruleset that differs occasionally from past Infinity Engine games.
  4. I can only hope it restores the series to it's former glory, even if it was short lived. Dragon Age II was the most disappointing game in the past couple of years, especially wth me being a major fan of the first game. I actually got to fed up with the sequel and never finished it. I'll give Inquisition a chance, but considering BioWare's recent endeavors, I'm not expecting much.
  5. Fantastic. Thank you for your reply.
  6. Just wondering, is this game worth purchasing? I'm a huge fan of Shadowrun on the Super Nintendo, but I'm skeptical about purchasing it full price. So, anyone who has played it, would you recommend it?
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