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  1. Running is best for immersion, think Conan the Barbarian ;-) He ran everywhere !
  2. I think time and failure in games should be really different from what we use to see. Most of the time, we see an artificial sense of urgency, or we have consequence we don't want to deal with. In the false sense of urgency, we usually have quest where stakes are high, but no matter how long we wait to finish the quest, nothing happen. When we trully have time to finish something, most of the time the consequences of failing means to re-load. IMHO, both are really boring approaches. I'm about to introduce a third way. Let's say you get a quest to get an object before an ennemy group get's
  3. It doesn't. I only considered combat for the purposes of this simple demonstration. It was a long enough post as it is. I would add a few more stats and skills to handle that. I think they ought to be class-agnostic, i.e., equally useful for wizards, defenders, and archers. It does ressemble much to my proposition of : Power (Damage) Acuity (Accuracy) Tenacity (Resistance) Skills : Combat Marksmanship Arcana I guess I could live with that. We could also add speed to that. Giving us 4 Attributes so far. Power, Acuity, Speed, Tenacity I am yet unsure about a
  4. You can sort of. Put less points in Strength, more in Accuracy and Int, so that you can cast faster and hit more often. And make sure "Ignore Armor" skill is as high as possible. He would only be 90% (or even 80%) as good as a pure mage build (dependent how much Strength damage bonus adds to the base damage) and less efficient against high armour targets. On the other hand he would be better against unarmored targets and much better against targets hard to hit (ghosts,shadows, thiefs). And I see no reason that a weak mage i.e. a mage with a handicap should be as good as a fit mage. We accept t
  5. The biggest problem is that you can't have a physically weak mage. As if suddently, every mages on the planet decided to add to their library all muscle mags or something. It also ruin the fact that many players would want their mage to wield sword. Flexibility remember ?
  6. No worries. I ONLY know English, so I'm hardly prepared to fault you for a few slip ups in an otherwise pretty excellent use of a language that isn't even your first. 1) That's fine. And it does make some amount of sense that improving a skill would actually affect your physical or mental power, just as solving a bunch of puzzles over and over again will hone your mind, or bench-pressing 250lbs over and over again will hone your body. I'm not trying to shoot down the idea of that skill at all. But, it's a matter of asking "what exactly is representing what, here?" I would say that syste
  7. I am not at all eager to prove you wrong. What are even the odds that literally the entirety of what you said is wrong? That's not very likely at all. I'm merely eager to constructively supplement the discussion, via analysis/evaluation. I think you misunderstood some of what I said, and took it as my misunderstanding of your post. I wasn't suggesting that you were suggesting "Strength" be the only stat. That wasn't an apparent problem with your example/suggestion/post. But there are 2 things: 1) Even if HALF of magical power and physical power are represented by the same stat, and
  8. I think you misunderstand me because you think about strength, while I think about a ''damage'' attribute. Didn't say the damage attribute should be strength. In fact we aren't sure yet what the damage attribute is. I do agree that it's silly to have physical strength and magical strength as the same attribute. This is why my proposition do something else. Yet it does as the Devs want : to have a single attribute that govern damage. Overall damage attribute : No fitting name yet, but it has to affect both Magical power and Physical strength. Magical power as a skill : Higher for wizard
  9. The system makes game sense and is intuitive, your explanation does not. Wizard is no doubt intelligent and focused, in casting spells and reading books. A fighter spends his time being focused on hitting enemies with weapons. Now which one is more likely to know what parts of the enemy are good parts to perforate with sword strokes? That doesn't go anywhere towards explaining why, when both share a high attribute, the attribute means something completely different for the two classes, especially when the game itself would shows both classes getting the very same benefit by the share
  10. Hey guys, didn't you read my post about how a single attribute that governs damage bonus can make sense ? Let's say you are a Wizard, and you invest many points in the damage attribute. It may only means you are getting more intelligent and focused. How can it help you doing more damage with a melee weapon ? Simple, you know how to hit the vital structures of your target. However, this does not means that you will be able to equal the damage output of the Warrior who invested as much points in the damage attribute with the same melee weapon. As the P:E devs said : You will not be abl
  11. Only that it would & wll. PE wizards can use axes and if they have high power or strenght or whatever it's called, they'll do high damage with the axe. The fact that the wizard will also hit harder with an axe when he grows in his power stat can mean many things. Big damage is relative, could it be the wizard is intelligent enough to hit where it hurts more ? I don't think it's that improbable. But it doesn't means he's stronger. At equal Power, I can garanty you that the Barbarian will hit harder with an axe than a wizard with the same axe.
  12. really it's retarded that strength can affect accuracy? the stronger you are the faster you can swing. The faster you swing the more likely you are to hit your opponent and to smash through their defense. While there is something to be said about the importance of hand eye coordination in combat but that doesn't mean a stronger(bigger) opponent holds a lot of advantage in combat. Why do you think most professional fighting organizations place so much importance into dividing people into weight class? Because a bigger guy hit a lot harder. It has nothing to do with accuracy. It's not even
  13. I agree the system as such, makes game sense and is probably going to work fine. My problem is that such an abstraction means, a wizard that's good at blasting things because of his humongous mental power, is also going to be awesome at lifting heavy objects and bashing people in their heads with big hammers because of his humongous physical power. Because they're both represented by the same attribute. Mage also gets the strenght/power bonus when using melee weapons. Likewise, a dumb brute barbarian is also going to be an excellent healer, because of the soothing effect of his bulgi
  14. How about : Power is the damage stat. (could be mental or physical) Acuity is the accuracy and perception stat. Tenacity is the resistance stat. All could also be used for social situations : Power is when you intimidate or force by leverage, Acuity is when you get tricky or bribe, and Tenacity is when you just get annoying and wont let go You can't screw up a character with those.
  15. A good 40 yard dash is around 5 seconds, so its safe to say a 30 yard dash will be around 4 seconds. It makes a lot of arrows in 4 seconds, I know some masters archers may manage that with 30 pounds bows. But in 4 seconds I think that most good archers with a strong bow would manage only one good shot. It think it's safer to say that a ranged weapon work as good at range as a melee weapon work in close quarters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o9RGnujlkI as for masters? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1KC1Os-_NE though if we assumed the same level of proficiency, we would h
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