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  1. As you can see I can login to the forum board but not the main site. Has anyone else had this trouble? I also get that it is not a https site like it says. The certificate is outdated or something... Can anyone help me in getting my beta key? I am eager to play!
  2. 1. Instead of fast travel, have a ladder leading to the top every couple of floors that you have to find. 2. Epic loot for bosses on certain levels, and at least 1 drop before the bottom level 3. Yes, of course 4. like maybe to last floor, but like a lever nothing fancy 5. that works, I understand that if you want to do it and not gain XP.
  3. Definitely. for the huge mega multileveled dungeon with the 13 levels, I agree that dungeon should be hardcore and have some real challenge too it. Maybe a couple entrances few exits. Some monster respawns like patrols and such. Go all out and make that almost a raid dungeon and companions are encouraged to be recruited to help you clear it. Stock up on pots and such. Real challenge yields real rewards with recipes, items and rare spawns. For the normal dungeons I agree with others, some empty, some choked with monsters and mobs. But give dungeons different dynamics. Diablo II and III all had the same mechanic. Monsters, one entrance, one exit, and one rare monster per dungeon. Eternity needs all kinds of dungeons to explore to add depth and curiosity. If i know that its full of monsters every time and I dont need XP i wont go in.
  4. If there are going to be respawns those dungeons better be circular design. last thing i want to after spending 30 minutes clearing a dungeon, is spending 10 more minutes fighting way out if I am running low on potions, something breaks, or etc
  5. I love the lighting done in the caves/dungeons it looks fantastic! can't wait to see more.
  6. Quest markers take away from the game. Directions or relating to landmarks are the bread and butter of RPG's. I learned about directions and finding things IRL by wondering around dungeons endlessly looking for the next level down. and then running back up the dungeon brutally chasing down monsters and hacking away at them. Quest markers take away from exploring all the nooks and crannies and caves because you get focused on the quests and never actually explore and find things. Having convienence does not spur people to go off the path and slash your way through monsters
  7. I love those mechanics in games, because it ensures that the loot will be closer to your level or will be better because you don't just wander and find it. You have to work for it and be up to date on what you need to clear entire dungeons and caves.
  8. I know, I know, I am coming into this a little late and should of my my account long ago... but my life was in confusion for awhile and now things have calmed down... where or what do I do to prove I get a VIP forum badge for kickstarting eternity with the $140? Sorry I did not dig through pages of posts to find it.... Can I get some help? Thanks = ) =)
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