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  1. On crafting... Someone above seemed to suggest that crafting was fun on games that made it "feel cool". I totally agree, and while I think crafting is good all the time, I worry slightly (only slightly) about games like Divinity Original Sin where crafting seems to be simply putting two things together. Add a really interesting, unique, fun feel to crafting and I think it'll be a win with most people. This might seem pointless to add, but I think it definitely needs said. Things that are crafted should be *really* useful. I think the only way crafting would be un-fun is if the items you could make were pointless. There are big titles that do this, so it might not be as silly as it sounds. Great work, you guys! I love what I'm seeing!
  2. This is really awesome. Polina's dungeon picture made me drool, and I'm excited to hear that all the toolsets and stuff are coming together so well. Exciting~!
  3. I personally love everything you did with the mockup. I love the IWD/2 feel, I love the understated minimalism, and I like the portraits on bottom. I love it all. Sorry to be boring, but...yeah.
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