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    What I really don't get how Aloth's weak confession about how he belongs to Leaden Key can be met with an outrage and demand for him to leave immediately, but with Maia she just shuts you down.


    Aloth did not sabotage animancers nor did he report to Leaden Key during your time with him. He did absolutely nothing to harm our Watcher or anyone else. 


    Maia assassinated a Huana tribe chief and I can't even kick her out? Why is my only choice at that point to kill her or let her stay with me? 

    I'm pretty sure you can kick her out. Wasn't there a dialogue option like, "I never want to see you again?"


    I remember only "Give me one good reason not to tell the entire world about what you did", to which Maia responds with something like "I dare you".

  2. What I really don't get how Aloth's weak confession about how he belongs to Leaden Key can be met with an outrage and demand for him to leave immediately, but with Maia she just shuts you down.


    Aloth did not sabotage animancers nor did he report to Leaden Key during your time with him. He did absolutely nothing to harm our Watcher or anyone else. 


    Maia assassinated a Huana tribe chief and I can't even kick her out? Why is my only choice at that point to kill her or let her stay with me? 

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  3. I myself will play on 8th May after I get home from work, assuming the game will be downloaded and installed in about an hour. 


    I could not take a day off on Wednesday, because one of my colleagues is on vacation for two weeks and I am left to supervise a newbie. And I am rather low on vacation days anyway... 


    But Thursday is a holiday in Germany, so I can play whole day. And Friday is a short workday, so I will have plenty of time to play too.


    I'm sure there won't be preload on gog, so I'll get home from work on the 8th, realize that it will take more than 10 hours to download with my crappy internet (does anyone know the number of GB already?) and go to sleep without downloading (my pc is in my bedroom and I can't sleep with it running). On the next day, I'll start the download before going to work and will hope that it's finished before midnight so that I can sleep with the PC turned off the next night again.


    HOLEY MOLY, the game ist listead at 45 GB on steam? Unless there is a heavy reduction in download size, that's going to take forever!

    I can download roughly 1.3 GB / hour, which will take me around 35 hours at this rate. Only way to download this will be while I'm visiting my parents on the following weekend...


    You can preload on Friday. Well... at Steam, anyway. I hope that for GoG this is also an option.


    I think it's rare for a widely known game to have a particularly good one either, sadly. Seems like the Japanese put more effort into soundtracks for their AAA titles. But maybe that's just my personal tastes. A shame either way, since I prefer the way western devs handle RPGs in every other respect.

    I was trying to think of some recent high quality soundtracks, probably Persona 5 but like you say it's a Japanese game. The Dragon Age games don't have particularly memorable soundtracks but they serve the game well enough. I suppose Pillars is the same. 


    Persona's soundtrack made me want to become deaf. After 40 hours of only one single highly memorable song playing during fights (same damn song repeated every damn trash fight!) I could not take it. I hate it. People complain about PoE OST not being memorable? Thank God for that. 

  5. To be honest, I really enjoyed reading the books of PoE. They were leaked early through beta, so I go to read them all as I waited for PoE to be released.




    A lot of them are very short and sweet. They give you a lot of information about the world without being spoilery; too. In my opinion, best of both worlds.

  6. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/96109-deadfire-save-game-state-vs-save-importing/


    There is already a thread on this on the front page. 


    If you got talents as rewards from quests, they will get transferred in some fashion to the game. Otherwise you get no big (dis)advantages over making a new game state.

  7. That's not right. Different players like different spells (if they are all implemented well and there are no trashy ones). If you want to cut down you could put the ones you like into your favorite list and forget the rest. You'd have waht you wanted without taking away choice from other players.


    Also: since when is forcing someone to do something in game considered to be good design?


    ... that is literally entire point of game design? You always force players to limit themselves, by picking one class or another, force them to decide what they want to trade in exchange. Same thing goes when you are being forced to pick spells you want to use at level-up.


    You could make chess with many more pieces and many more options. But it would not necessarily create a better game.


    As I said before, I enjoy generally having more spells. But if even I find it tedious to have so many spells at my disposal, it hints at the fact that many more people would struggle with it.



    I think it boils down to what MaxQuest said: some people are just too lazy (or don't have enough time) to read through all the spells. Fair enough, but this game's target group is not casual players. As if the spell list of druids and priest is that overwhelming...


    If you don't know what to use and lose track of where which spell is and whatnot you could simply write down your favorite spells on a piece of paper.



    The problem is that I am not talking about my top five spells. I can remember those. I can remember my top 10 spells for each casters. But after that I stop keeping up.


    And when you have parties with >3 casters it only gets worse. I did remember pretty well at the end of PoE where every spell was, but with WM I could no longer keep up. Spellbook bloated for each class in a very silly way. I had so many situationally useful abilities, but I can not keep in my head more than hundreds spells at a time.And this meant I constantly had to reread what each spell does and try to remember where they were and then try to remember to use them in proper context. Most time when I paused I did not consider tactical options, I was trying to memorize what spells I have and figure out why I don't use them and then use them to remember why they suck. 


    It did not ruin my enjoyment of the game, since I am pretty finicky and am used to pausing every two seconds of gametime to then brood over my spellbook for thirty seconds. But I can very well imagine that it's not fun for many other people. If people wanted to play Memory with spells, they would do that. But they want the big question being "what spell do I use" instead of "uhhh, so what kinds of spells do I have anyway?"


    P.S. Fixed the post, the formatting for it broke...

  8. Then they could have made something like "my favorite spells" UI that you could compose yourself from all the spells and that is more prominent during combat - but you'd still have access to you other spells should you need them. But removing spells from the game? That's just a bad solution.


    This "favorite" spells feature would mean that the remaining spells would never be used. That's also bad design. Good design would being forced to pick the spells you really need and make trade-offs. Not have a lot of trash thrown at you and then having to pick whatever is usable.


    When you have too many choices, they become more of a nuissance than a help. There is a good reason for cutting down, no matter how great the appeal of big spellbook is.

  9. 100% agreed. That was such a bull$hit complain in the first place... Some people are just lazy to read an extra few spell tooltips/descriptions.



    I am usually a fan of more spells vs. less spells, but after White March having a druid, priest and mage in my party felt like overkill. I could not remember where which spell was. I had to look for 15 seconds each time I had a specific spell in mind, but didn't know whether it was level 1 or level 4 spell. And imagine this for every damn time I wanted to cast a new spell. 


    And not to mention all the times I did not use good spells, because I simply forgot they existed. And leaving a caster class on the bench and then picking them up after 4 levels? I had definitely forgotten by that time where which spell was, needed to learn all their new spells and what they are good for and THEN I just spent quarter of the battle reading through all spells trying to figure out what would be a good match for current situation.


    Something needed to change. (Though, in my opinion, a good UI overhaul would have likely worked pretty well too.)

  10. PotD is the "hardcore" mode. Ironmode is just something you do for giggles, a bit like speedruns, since more often than not you would first play the game to the end and THEN try Ironmode.


    Alternatively, you just like restart games a lot, but you don't sound like the type.


    What concerns your proposed mode, a game mode which favors such agressive style could be interesting, but it sounds to me like it would be easily exploited by fast hitting classes favoring crits (say, rogue... or maybe barbarian with the right build). That would simply mean winning this mode would rely on character creation (deciding on the correct attributes, class and spec), but then you would just breeze through the game because fast attacks + possibility of making 50% damage means that your fast hitters would just decimate your enemies. Not much of a challenge.


    It's funny, really, but none of the hype Obsidian invests into the ship mechanics interests me one bit. It's not that I don't like it, or think it will be bad. I'm just absolutely indifferent. Which, I suppose, should concern me a bit more than it does, given how major it's shaping up to be.

    Yeah. Although I like th econcept it isn't what I'm looking forward to this game. The ship is the place you hang out and talk to campanions, travel around etc but 90% of the action is gonna be on the islands. Since this isn't a game about managing a ship but about exploring on foot, fighting on foot and roleplaying on foot, I believe it's totally normal to don't give a damn about the ship. Even Obs said that if you don't want to mess with the ship much you don't have to. You stick with oroginal boat, original crew and skip cannon battles to ship boarding battles so...

    Now that I think about it, I don't know why they spam so much about it :p


    It's one of the few completely new features Deadfire offers. You can either talk about ship or you can talk about multiclassing. We heard tons of stuff about multiclassing, but previously barely anything about ships. So it's logical that now there is a stronger focus on ship mechanics.

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