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  1. Please... I think some ppl think this character is necrrohhile, sociopat.. Frankly I doubt very much that Obsidian is going to make a stupid personage. The hate/trollling/creepy dremas about this character is stupid


    It's all in good spirit. I am a fan of Ydwin and she looks like she will be a lot of fun. Her pretty anime appearance is a reason to love her more, not less.

  2. @Gromnir


    I added a special note in the opening post to clarify that polls like this one serve as suggestions to Obsidian and that they're not bound by the results.


    So if Obsidian shares your concerns they will not do it anyway.


    Yet people should be able to vote for and express what they like or dislike. Just as you just expressed that you rather dislike one idea.


    No no, I am a huge fan of Junk. It's very pretty. I'd love to end up with it. 


    It's simply a problem with such polls: people rarely scroll down to the main post to click through images. I myself have just googled what ships look like and then after voting realized that I did not have to do that.


    But since people vote based on names, I am going to guess that many people simply picked what sounded familiar (frigate and... junk). I think for every other decision poll results should be one of the defining factors, but when it comes to ship appearance, I think it may be best to rely more on discussions in the thread. Or just let Obsidian have the free artistic license, I guess. :)

  3. I think he means the stronghold replacement. They said there's going to be one, but they've been tight-lipped as to what it is. We're all guessing it's going to be a ship, but as far as what Obsidian have disclosed about it, it still qualifies as a hush-hush feature (a teased one at that.)


    Well, it had been said that we are going to get an update on stronghold on Tuesday. And frankly if that's their definition of "hush-hush", that's pretty strange. They had been really quiet on romance and surprised everyone by the fact that it's going to be implemented. But stronghold had already been hinted at a thousand times and you could build a small sand castle out of those snippets.

  4. While we have more in the way of stretch goals and -- only a few days left to achieve them! -- we'll save them (and a big announcement about a really important, super cool, and heretofore extremely hush-hush game feature) for our next update, which will be coming very soon. For now, we'll keep it brief and just say thanks. 


    What is that supposed to be? Can't be stronghold, since that was obviously not held "hush-hush". Otherwise I got no ideas.



    Fulvano Wept.


    That poor sod probably is the most incompetent person on the entire Eora.


    Don't you mean "was" the most incompetent?


    I am pretty sure you found his corpse in Eternity 1.


    It had been discussed a couple pages ago, but Fulvano is well alive. He just has a lot of travel companions and keeps giving them his clothes. Very generous fellow. Also he may be cursed, since his travel companions keep dying untimely deaths. 

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    I'd start by using it to fix the gender imbalance in almost every group of cRPG companions, Pillars of Eternity and Dragon Age included


    Since BG the only games I played were Pillars and Tyranny, so I don't know nothing about Dragon Age or any other game. But you shurely can't complain about Pillars being not feminist enough.


    Joking aside, I don't have any Serious Feminist Issues with Pillars of Eternity. Like you say, it's a game with a lot of great female characters that treats women as people and has plenty of them that are important to the story and the world. Probably the only thing I would change on that score if I really were in charge of the game would be keeping Calisca alive to give us another female companion - and that's only because there's a long-term pattern of male companions outnumbering female companions in cRPGs that I would like to see shift.


    Agreed. Also considering White March gave us two more female companions and one male companion, the ratio evened out (even though there is separate can of worms with female characters being locked behind a paywall, etc.)


    I think the argument holds well against MOST games. I don't have a problem with some games with almost exclusively male cast, but the annoying part is that so many of them have a 60-80% male ratios in groups. In comparison, Tyranny is like the only RPG I know to have 4/2 female to male companion ratio.

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    Why do people like you constantly bring this up? Devil is a big girl, she can kill herself if she wants to. Either you help her properly by solving her problems or you can simply stay away.


    I'm sorry if you're growing tired of the suggestion, but it's the first time I've made it and I've not seen it made by others (to the best of my memory), so I can assure you I am not "constantly" bringing it up.


    As for her ability to kill herself, given how much of her personal dialogue is about how horrible her current existence is and the fact that she doesn't, I can't help wondering whether Galvino has implemented some way to stop her. As for solving her problems, none of her ending slides (that I've seen) suggest you solve anything.


    Hence "people like you" and not you personally.


    Devil of Caroc walks off into the sea and is never seen again in one ending. That sure sounds like suicide to me. No surprise she did not do it earlier, though, ever since she still had some hope if not for happiness, then for revenge.


    You can also argue whether it's cruel or not to sacrifice Durance in the blood pool...


    I might even argue that it's kind to sacrifice Devil to the blood pool, after all she's always talking about how horrible her existence is.


    Why do people like you constantly bring this up? Devil is a big girl, she can kill herself if she wants to. Either you help her properly by solving her problems or you can simply stay away. 

  9. Faerunner, one needs to consider that it was Bioware who described companions in DA2 as "playersexual". I don't think it's fair to blame the players for picking up vocabulary the company itself had created. 


    What concerns Obsidian, so far they had only written characters with predetermined sexualities. Admittedly, those games (F:NV, PoE) did not have romances, but still, I doubt they will suddenly make all their characters "playersexual". It's just not Obsidian's style.

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  10. So... do we want to discuss what romances everyone is looking forward to? Or hoping that they will be implemented?


    I think Eder is pretty much a sure thing. At the very least judging by his short story and characterization he's very much a casual sex guy, so at least that is a given.



    I myself am hoping for Pallegina, but I would be okay with just doing heart eyes at her and crying myself to sleep. It would be just like first PoE only this time I get to be rejected by Pallegina properly.  :wub:

  11. I am choosing purely from story standpoint (basically, who I find most interesting and want to have around). Right now I am very curious about Aloth, but I am willing to exchange him for Eder/Xoti/Aumaua from time to time.


    Pallegina: This time I will make her a tank, so that I can take her everywhere. So probably I'll make her apaladin/fighter for maximum engagement and survivability.


    Serafin: My main is already a rogue (who I will multi-class as a cipher), so I am unsure what to do with him. His backstory involves his cipher background rather heavily, so I think it would suck for me to purely spec him into a barbarian. But I am also unsure whether I should make him a cipher-barbarian or cipher-ranger or something else.


    Maia Rua: She's hot, so I am taking her with me. Not fond of ranger class, so if roleplay permits, I would like to make her a ranger-druid or ranger-priest, so that we get a healing class in our party.


    Aloth: I think I will keep him ultra classical mage. No need to experiment with what already worked out well in the past.

  12. Just got a confirmation tweet from Feargus for the backer portal, in case someone's in my situation :)


    I am not surprised. That had been the case with first Kickstarter as well. My sister picked the cheapest possible pledge... and over the years we upped it up to 60 Euro. I am surprised we did not hit the 100 Euro mark, since we sure had been tempted to do so.  :getlost:


    Obsidian is not making things exactly easy on us this time around either. So many nice goodies! I definitely need the PoE tabletop ruleset. 

  13. Given that we're playing the same character, I don't think this will be the game where we get new backgrounds.



    Some people will pick up PoE 2 without having played PoE. So it still may be beneficial to add more backgrounds.


    Besides, if some backgrounds are more specific, then they may fit more than the old backgrounds from first PoE. Then it may be good to be able to switch to that new background even if you have a character from PoE 2.

    • At the end of PoE I didn't like the endings I got for many of my companions (particularly for Aloth and the Grieving Mother, but also for others). The bad thing is that I wasn't able to see them coming and act accordingly when I had the chance. When I made the decisions that brought me to the endings I got, I wasn't able to understand their possible impacts. This wouldn't have been a problem years ago: I would have played through the game once more just to achieve the "perfect ending", but doing that has become a problem for me now. I personally don't like this trend of giving unexpected consequences to the actions of players that RPGs seem to like so much these days. Sometimes unforseeable results are useful to pass the message that "life does not always go as expected", but when overdone it just adds frustration to players. I hope that this kind of consequences will be toned down a bit in the next chapter, in favor of choices that let the player know the effects they will cause on the end state of the world and the end state of the characters involved.


    That is absolutely fair. I think we still don't know WHY certain endings happen and what the factors weigh in. It would be nice to at least retroactively look back at choices and go "aha, so that is why I got a bad companion ending".



    • I also don't look forward to having all the "enhanced reactivity" based on the race, class and background of the main character. This is another thing that is enjoyable only thrugh multiple playthroughs, and let me say that I don't consider it meaningful in general. Having some dedicated dialogue choices, or some NPCs that react to you in a particular way just because your rac or class e is XY is a gimmick that is great at the beginning, but grows old quickly.


    I strongly disagree with you on that one. Why even have race/classes/backgrounds if they are absolutely irrelevant in the game? Purely for appearance's sake? I got that in like 90% of the games I played and actually THAT is what got stale very quickly.

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  14. Indeed, Tyranny was particularly annoying for keeping everyone happy, because you're travelling with people from literally opposite factions. Whatever you do pleases the one and pisses off the other. Maybe this was intentional but... I'm guessing that most players want to keep the peace in their parties.


    I agree with keeping this stuff for extreme moments. Unless you're doing something that obviously and directly offends a companion (like murdering their family or kicking Eder's dog), they don't need to make a fuss of it.


    I think it was very necessary. The whole idea behind Tyranny is that you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Someone will not simply be unhappy with you, someone will actively HATE you for your actions, simply because you took charge and resolved a conflict. Everyone hates everyone and if you involve yourself in that mess, then you won't be stay an unpartial observer. Someone will definitely suspect that you are trying to double-cross them, to betray them and that you are playing favorites with one faction over the other.


    That is completely realistic and an important part of what makes Tyranny's political aspect work. 


    I myself have managed to get highest possible Favour AND Fear from all of my companions (save for Barik, but I was purposefully antagonizing him, so he doesn't count). But for game purposes it's not necessary (or even needed). Companions need to love or to fear you, but in the end they are not your friends, they are your vassals. If you want friends, you need to pick a different game. Tyranny is all about gaining power and accomplishing your goals. Do you want to save the world from Kyros? Do you want to rule the world? Do you want to bring peace? Do you want to bring Kyros' Peace? Pick one and roll with it.


    You can achieve a great many things, but in a somewhat ironic twist you will not find anyone you can really trust. You will stay alone, ruling from the top of the world.



    With Pillars of Eternity it's more nuanced. You are still a powerful figure, but you are not a ruler per se. You do not actually "command" your companions, since they willingly join you and can leave you without too many consequences. This means that you may indeed have more equal and perhaps even more honest relationships. But unless one makes sure that everyone has very moderate viewpoints, I think companions WILL need to clash against each other. A colonist from Valia should not be able to easily get along with a native who hates all those invaders. And it would simply be very weak from storytelling viewpoint, to just let the Watcher stand aside and go "y'know, you both have very good points, but why can't we just be friends". Companions need to be able to call out your spinelessness, be appreciative of your support or hate you for your actions. Otherwise it means that those companion issues are completely unrelated to the main plot (and to the Watcher's actions). It sucks when companions storylines are divorced from what you do, since then the protagonist and their companions are all doing their own thing which barely intersects. That's boring.

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  15. am a bit confused by the repeated announced stretch goal missteps. we had assumed the stretch goals were contemplated well in advance o' the campaign.  are we so ahead or behind anticipated funding schedule that obsidian is winging these things?  come up with a bunch o' stretch goals in advance, and depending 'pon attainment o' funding milestones reached by date X or Y, the order o' the release o' stretch goals changes.  largely automatic. this problem shouldn't be.


    no biggie. am simple not understanding how this happens... multiple times.


    HA! Good Fun!


    I think the problem with thinking things through WAY in advance, is that you end up with several versions of the stretch goal plans. I am going to guess the stretch goals were reshuffled a lot, so it's easy to mix up which one was mean to go where.

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