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  1. I want to make a dwarf bear druid with high might and constitution. I hope I will be able to tank well as a druid.


    I may also level up intellect a bit, simply because druids are so much about AoEs and it might be useful in dialogues. 


    What concerns my party, I will just pick companions based on how much I like them. Pallegina is already on board, as far as I am concerned since she seems to be cool. Otherwise I'll just stay put and see what kind of cool characters Obsidian has in store for us.

  2. This whole discussion made me actually go back to the video and rewatch it. It didn't help, though, I'm still confused.


    Is there something wrong with my eyes or what exactly is everyone's problem with the models? Godlike looks stunning with darkness oozing out of the head. Its charred limbs are equally wonderful. The human looks very nice too, pretty face, good shadows, body proportions are realistic and well done. Barbarian clothing looks pretty okay too. The only bit I didn't like was the plate armor, because I feel the it reflects light "wrong", but that will likely be non-issue in game. 

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  3. A good question would be how far would the melee character have to be before the enemy changes weapons? I can imagine having a few of you party members with ranged weapons shooting at the enemy. Send one in with a melee weapon, enemy changes weapons and is delayed for 2 seconds and your melee character runs away before he reaches the enemy, enemy then changes back to ranged weapons and delayed another 2 seconds. Then have your character run back in again. :)


    You forget about the engagement/disengagement mechanic. When you disengage you have slower run speed and it's easier to daze you. It would completely negate the benefit of having the enemy switch weapon. 


    So, unless you are a barbarian and are willing to use up your cooldowns for this hit and run tactic, it would be of very limited and situational use.

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    Death is meant to look frightening, not just "whelp, I got a bit pale-ish skin and maybe dark eyes". 

    The precise appearance of anthropomorphised embodiments of the concept of Death seems to me to be a culturally determined thing.  I don't know if you can say much about what it "should" or "shouldn't" look like without a pretty strong background in the surrounding culture. 


    Well, if you are talking about real world, then there are quuuuuite few cultures were death is considered to be something you should look forward too. It's scary, even if an important part of the reality. And design of Death Godlike encorporates that quite well, if you ask me!


    If you are talking about the world of Eora, then culture does not have a lot of meaning for the apperance. Death Godlike look pretty similar, no matter what culture they are born in. There is one death god and as such the appearance of those blessed by the god is out of anyone's hand. Perhaps it shows partly what Death god may look like? And since death is an all encompassing phenomen that does not only concern humans, but everything that lives, it makes sense that Death Godlike's face does not even look very human.


    If there is anything one could argue for is to make Godlikes even stranger with effects on their appearance spreading to the body, but I think the problem here would be resources... and of course that it would be difficult not to get an uncanny valley effect if one goes overboard with the changes, or making them too subtle that with armor you will notice nothing of it.



    I don't get why orcs have to be tribal savages.


    Where does this even come from? Is it a Warcraft thing? Orcs in Tolkien are different.



    Yeah, likely. And if Blizzard wasn't the source (I think they lifted a lot of stuff from Warhammer, but I'm not especially well read on the subject) they at least propagated it.

    The thread title, and the discussion, just reminded me of the game Of Orcs and Men (perhaps intentional from the OP?), where you play as an Orc warrior with a goblin sidekick against monstrous humans. Bit of a fresh air, at least thematically!



    Yes, I thought of that game too when I saw this thread title.  ;) 


    I love orcs and anything orc related, goblins, trolls, give me everything. But I think in PoE they would be misplaced. I think Aumaua already fit the brutish, big tribal race bill pretty well. Adding orcs would just make Aumaua less distinctive. 


    And if one really wants to play an orc, one can just create an Aumaua barbarian and paint the skin green. Should be a pretty close match.  ;) 

  6. 4) Now onto race like godlike, it looks kind of weird on the design of the godlike especially the head. It looks over exaggerated. I don't mind a slight variation of being different but the head is just too extreme making it look like alien-breed. But on the other hand, they have perfectly human body with humanly pair of hands. I hope the head can be reworked as it looks really bad to me.


    This is only one of the possible heads for Death Godlike. We were shown others during one of the updates and those heads were much smaller. There is still a very alien look to the Death Godlike, but I think that's actually a good thing. Death is meant to look frightening, not just "whelp, I got a bit pale-ish skin and maybe dark eyes". 

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    I think its ironic that at 6:07:


    'So you must have some other plan in mind for coming this way.'


    1: -'I hope to meet someone and fall in love.'


    I know how that one is gonna end :dancing:



    Ha. Haha. Hahaha! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! An adventure is all about the romance, baby! :D


    This is the consolation prize for promancers. Cherish it, there probably won't be any more.

    LOL Yep. When developers troll, it's a marvel to behold. :)


    Well, what are you guys waiting for? Take this info to the Romance thread and show it to Bruce already!



    Hold on, I haven't watched the video but how do we know its a fake because its seems like the beginning of an exciting Romance arc :dancing:  :dancing: .... :wub:



    I want a Romeo and Juliette romance. 


    Go into a town, fall in love from first sight, marry on the second day, have five people killed on the third day and then leave on fourth day, because your husband is dead now too. Woops. 

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  8. Did anyone else notice that the Hylea Godlikes were not selectable in character creation?


    Well, neither were Fire or Water Godlike available.


    I think those options are under the sub-culture section. There we should be able to choose what kind of Godlike we want.



    I was somewhat disappointed not to see more of character creation. I understand that beta is close, but I wanted at least take a glance at Aumaua! 

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