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  1. I would welcome at least separate volume sliders, because ambiance sounds are often very quiet, while footsteps and fight sounds are too loud. Really, the footsteps sounds were getting on my nerves. However I did not have luck finding the sounds.
  2. Hello PoE fans, I wanted to ask, whether there are any large-scale mods for the game. I waited some time (year or so) to replay the game. As with other games I replay, I looked for some mods which would improve upon things I did not like that much (presentation wise, not affecting gameplay). Like those many mods you can find for Elder Scrolls games, which improve graphics/sound/atmosphere/animations etc... Are there any you know of? In the nexus site I mostly find only portraits packs, the only mod worth mentioning was IE mod. What I definitely wanted to change is the atmosphere of some
  3. I agree with you. I too prefer sandbox RPGs, that´s why I find BG as good as, if not even better than BG2. So the formula PoE used is OK with me. Sandbox would be better, but this is definitely better than BG2 or IWD etc...
  4. As I stated in the original post, I have no problem with these restrictions PoE introduced. Some of them I actually like. Like mentioned camping supplies. Getting rid of pre-battle buffing was a drastic move, but when you look back at BG/IWD, it was actually cheating. You were wiped out, reloaded and put on yourself crazy amount spells/items. So I think it was not that bad idea. However the speed of the combat and enemy movement makes it complicated to react as fast as to put something on yourself before you got smashed.
  5. It is not necessary to go into such details in description. I wanted to point out, that the places could have been used better and should have been more believable. I think every RPG with more or less open world, especially the one authors created, wants it to be impressive and catchy for players. Obsidian used mostly lore to make the world more familiar to players, but they could have developed the places a bit more. Also, when we compare dark/bright settings. I don´t think BG was bright or cheerful. It was somewhere in between dark/bright. Bright and cheerful for me is for example World
  6. I did not want to say those maps are ugly. Most of the places, like the example you posted, are beautiful. I just think they should have been more varied. With those various mist effects they use, some thick forest could have looked really great.
  7. Exactly. I think most people don´t get the "shades of grey" term. It´s not about everything being always grey. It is more like:not always good or evil.
  8. Minor spoilers ahead! Hi all, after a long wait I finally began playing this game, the game I was observing from the very beginning and, as a hardcore player of the BG/IWD games, I was full of enthusiasm for the game which I hoped would bring back the feelings those gems evoked. Before I go into details, let me say, that PoE managed to bring these types of games into attention again and was successful, but there are a few aspects, which holds it somewhat lower and even though I´m trying to play it without constant comparison to those games, sometimes the thought of how would BG ma
  9. However when I restart the game, it NEVER shows any bonus, but after I create a character and start a new one, it ALWAYS does. I will try to play with it, whether it is really random.
  10. Description: When creating a character, there is 1 point Might bonus, so with human, instead of 11, it shows 12, even though in the description is still 11. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: It happens after I create a character, then exit the game and begin creating a new one.
  11. I am a bit fed up by the rising hatred towards BG on these forums. PoE is a decent game, which unfotunately have many shortcomings, which probably prevents the game from becoming na instant classic as BG or PST. And only because some people points out on these flaws and says how BG made it better, there are others who starts to bash BG, so it won` t outshine the game they are hyped about right now. I can expect this kind of behaviour on Bioware boards, I expected this community to be more restrained, or dare I say, mature. Whether you like the game or not is more of a subjective matter, but le
  12. I definitely agree, they should add walk toggle, it really looks wierd to be running around inns/houses/shops and I don`t like rushing around. However, my worry is that walking would be too slow to be really useable. In BG you walked everywhere. In BG2 you also "walked", however the walking speed was like doubled, so it was probably nearly same as running speed in PoE. Best would be if they increase slightly running speed and walking would be only only a bit slower than present running speed.
  13. I was observing gameplay videos on youtube the other day. I have not seen anybody mention it, but what really bothered me was the atmosphere/ambience of the village. I was not expecting villagers/commoners to have full day activities, however I was hoping for something more than standing aimlessly entire time ala BG/IWD. What is more, there were very little ambient sounds. While nature sounds were rich, there were very little noises from commoners, they did not have any voices when you click them. This makes the village feel dead. I was expecting at least something like that when you enter hou
  14. Please Obsidian, reconsider the amount of available companions in the game, they were one of the aspects behind the popularity of BG.
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