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  1. Sorry, but you're either oblivious or just didn't look at the exact series of events. Just to remind (also, sorry for not-too-good english): So-called euro-maidan started November 21st. Up to November 29th, it was about signing the association agreement. Then, at November 30th, it was declared that the square should be decorated for Christmas. Decorators were accompanied by special police force and, well, things get down from there. As far as my knowledge goes, this Wiki article is more or less correct about further events. Now about motivations. There was significant (I'm not saying "j
  2. Would be nice if "dumb" races had some race-bound dialogue options and scenario branches, the same with "dumb" classes ("dumb" meaning "is mechanically ineffective to raise intellect/perception high for that one"). Also, Doesn't seem like a good idea to me, either for the game balance (making negative modifier a positive thing isn't a good idea and can be abused) or for the meaning of CHA stat. CHA means force of personality, it is not beautiful/ugly axis. To substitute STR for CHA is a recommended way for such situation.
  3. Something like multiplayer Temple of Elemental Evil could do the trick, I suppose. And maybe, just maybe, Obsidian may consider making D&D 3.5 game with more than five books used sometimes in future...
  4. I don't post a lot (only here for the PoE updates), but dear God, how small-minded can you and Bryy be? Yes It's an kickstarter only item, but maybe (maayybbeee, Just maaaayyyybeeeee) some players want to collect all the items ingame? Is it that hard to comprehend?? Come on, I thought you at least had a 3-digit IQ to understand that. Well, as I see it, for those who are not Kickstarter backers the item efficiently doesn't exist in-game (in-their-copy-of-game). Compare with, say, games where different editions have different content (such as Final Fantasy X). And ~50% people have IQ no
  5. Rogues have bonuses to opening locks, but other classes can take that skill as well. We won't include spells or abilities that make invested skills obsolete. A wild idea: what if each class can take a skill with function [open doors], but different classes do so in different manner?.. After all, [open lock] spell may be difficult and require separate training... It may require some additional animations, but this can be a way to keep both balanced mechanic and in-game possibilities. For example, there was an optional rule in D&D 3ed (Unearthed Arcana, if I remember correctly) that I
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