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  1. I don't, but I don't post often and still haven't met my five.
  2. I am getting so excited!!! I would like to know more about animal companions as well, and I think wizards and druids, or clerics would be a good topic for the next update.
  3. Playing Dragonborn. It crashed hard the first time I played, so I set it aside waiting for a patch and played Dishonored. I ended up having to re-install Dragonborn, but works fine now, and I like seeing Morrowind again.
  4. First post! I've been reading the Eternity updates for a while, and finally decided I needed to join the forum. Anyway, to me a large part of the problem is big companies like EA being run by non-gamers who don't understand the product they're trying to sell. To them, all games are the same, so if microtransactions work in a casual, f2p game, they'll work even better in a big game. I expect the Shepard's apartment on the Citadel to wedge microtransactions into the DLC. The sad thing is, there are people who will probably lay down cash so Shep has a better bed or throw pillow for his CitadelIKEA sofa. It's an extension of the "appearance packs" they're already selling.
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