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  1. That's actually a pretty clever way to solve the problem of players just resting constantly, but as others have said, it also sounds kinda unfun.
  2. It doesn't sound like a full pacifist playthrough will be possible to be honest. Kind of a shame, as it seems that in many games they force the player to be creative and and come up with clever solutions to problems, but it's not hard to see why this sort of game design doesn't really work with potentially no combat; it almost defeats the point of having a party as the majority of most characters' talents become useless, and there's a real risk it could just boil down to "pick the correct dialogue option/spam hide in shadows, avoid any side-quests that don't allow you to do this" which isn't clever, resourceful or fun at all. Rewarding the player for solutions which ARE creative and resourceful, pacifist or not, is probably a good idea though.
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