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  1. 4:49PM for me. Im about to go eat some pizza. Buuuuuuut my apetite isnt doing so well. See my mind feels like its on acid. Im on winter break (towards the end of it anyway) Spent most of it gaming and reading manga. What a waste!!! Im an idiot... I should have been thinking about ways to confess to the person I like. Trouble is the first two people I told about my crush was 1st my best friend (let's call her Lady Crabs) & 2 a guy friend (let's call him Mr. Jacket) Heres where the DOOOOM begins. I told Lady Crabs about it & her reaction was not too enthusiastic. In fact she hasnt been
  2. How do you confess your feelings to someone?!

    1. Otaku-MuffinFluffin


      5:19PM Heres a few theories about Lady Crab A. She's a lesbian and secretly has a crush on me. B. She likes Little Slash too & feels awkward now C. She feels left out because if I get a boyfriend she might feel lonely then... Im going with theory B. How about you?!

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